Dr. Linda Van Ingen

Chair, Professor

Office: COPH 103A   |    Phone: (308) 865-8772   |    Email: vaningenl1@unk.edu

Linda Van Ingen

Specialization Areas

20th Century United States, Civil Rights, Cold War, Immigration, Women’s History


Dr. Linda Van Ingen is professor and chair of the Department of History. She teaches 20th Century US social and political history, as well as Women's History, Civil Rights, and Immigration history. She joined the faculty at UNK in 2001 after earning her Ph.D. in History from the University of California-Riverside in 2000. She previously taught as a Visiting Faculty Fellow at California State University-San Marcos, as an Adjunct Professor at the University of Redlands in California, and as a Visiting Lecturer at the University of California-Riverside. She earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Iowa, Iowa City in 1984. In addition to the Midwest and Great Plains states, she has lived in California and Massachusetts as well as internationally in Port Elizabeth and Johannesburg, South Africa, and Casablanca, Morocco. She has traveled widely, including many visits to the Netherlands and a study abroad semester in London, England. She encourages students to pursue international opportunities and will be leading a 10-day study abroad trip to Amsterdam, Paris, and London in May 2023. Please contact her for details.


  • HIST 126, Leadership in a Complex World Dr Van Ingen at the Blue Gold Showcase event
  • HIST 176, Democratic Debates
  • HIST 250, American History: Colonial-1865
  • HIST 251, American History: 1865-Present
  • HIST 421, Women in America
  • HIST 484, US History 1898-1945
  • HIST 485, US History 1945-Present
  • HIST 495, ST: The 1960s
  • HIST 495, ST: The Immigrant Experience
  • HIST 496, Senior Seminar: Recent America
  • HIST 848, American Women’s History (graduate online)
  • HIST 848, The Long Civil Rights Movement (graduate online)
  • HIST 848, US in the Cold War Era (graduate online)
  • HIST 894, Introduction to Thesis (graduate online)
  • ETHS 101, Introduction to Ethnic Studies
  • WSTD 220, Women’s & Gender Studies
  • WSTD 420, Research Seminar in Women’s & Gender Studies


Dr. Van Ingen focuses her teaching and research on modern US political and social history with a special interest in issues of gender, race, and class. Her research publications contribute to the historiography of women in politics with studies of women candidates’ early twentieth-century campaigns in California and the gendered politics of power. She has also researched the rise of women’s late nineteenth-century independence, applying a class analysis to the financial challenges single women teachers faced as they aged. Current research applies an international lens to the gendered politics of the Cold War era, exploring the rise of Americans living overseas in what Life and Time Magazine magnate Henry Luce and Congresswoman Clare Boothe Luce called the “American Century.” Dr. Van Ingen mentors undergraduate and graduate student research projects on twentieth-century US political and social history, including women’s history, civil rights, and immigration history.


Work in Progress: "Living Overseas: Americans Abroad in the Cold War Era, 1950s-1970s.”


  • Linda Van Ingen, Gendered Politics: Campaign Strategies of California Women Candidates, 1912-1970. Series in Women in American Political History (Lexington Press, 2017).


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