Professional Students

At the Central Nebraska AHEC, we are committed to supporting health professions students during their clinical training in the communities we serve. To help you be prepared to meet the needs and challenges of serving rural populations, we’ve selected a few web-based resources and can assist you by: 

  • Providing information about the community and connections to partners
  • Helping arrange community-based service learning and community engagement opportunities such as: 
    • speaking to high school and undergraduate students and local community groups interested in healthcare 
    • annual events we host, such as health career club meetings, science meets, and much more.
  • Offering opportunities for community engagement by connecting you with local resources such as the local Chamber of Commerce, Economic Development Office and potential future employers 
  • Supplying information on Community-Based Experiential Training Core Topic Resources on Interprofessional Education, Behavioral Health Integration, Social Determinants of Health, Cultural Competency and Practice Transformation

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the CN AHEC office at (308) 865-8907 or