Early Childhood and Family Advocacy

Degree: Bachelor of Science
Program: Early Childhood and Family Advocacy
Degree Level: Undergraduate
Credit Hours:
 120 credit hours
Delivery Format: Online
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The Family Studies and the Early Childhood Education Programs at UNK have created a new undergraduate degree program, a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood and Family Advocacy. This program is designed to address the emerging needs in Nebraska and nationwide for professionals trained to work with children and families in non-teaching positions within formal public agency programs, private childcare centers, and early childhood education centers. While Early Childhood Education programs are plentiful and degrees are adequate to prepare preschool teachers, there are few programs that prepare Early Childhood Family Advocates—those within educational settings working with families and children in non-teaching positions. Family Advocates provide comprehensive educational and case management services to children and their families in their homes.

General Studies Courses

(45 credit hours)                                      

Unrestricted Electives

(16 credit hours)                

Major Courses

(59 credit hours)

CSP 417 - Counseling Skills
FAMS 150 - Lifespan Development and the Family
FAMS 251 - The Developing Child 0-8
FAMS 302 - Parent Education
FAMS 340 - Family Life Education
FAMS 362 - Families and Social Policy
FAMS 406 - Family Resource Management
FAMS 475 - Internship
FAMS 476 - Child and Family Home Visitation
FAMS 481 - Cross-Cultural Family Patterns
FAMS 486 - Families in Crisis
PE 247 - Nutrition, Health and Safety for Young Children
TE 204 - Typical/Atypical Growth and Development
TE 206 - Instructional Technology and Preservice Teacher
TE 318 - Management and Assessment in Preschool/Elementary Classrooms
TE 341 - Foundations of Early Childhood Education
TE 343 - Methods of Inclusive Education Birth through Age 3
TE 343L - Field Experience: Birth to Age 3
TE 344 - Methods of Inclusive Education Ages 3 to 5
TE 344L - Field Experience: Ages 3 to 5
TE 346 - Early Childhood Program Administration
TE 347 - Literacy Methods 0-3
TESE 323 - Partnerships with Families
TESE 330 - Collaboration, Consultation, and Co-Teaching

For complete program information, view the Undergraduate Catalog.

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