Study society to enact social change

The field of sociology will equip you with an understanding of the causes and consequences of human behavior, which can lead to social change—whether among individuals or global social processes. Through this online degree, you will study people, groups and societies from a global perspective, preparing you to work within diverse cultures and a variety of careers across sectors. Graduates of the program apply skills in research, analysis and critical thinking to positions within social services, public relations, health care, business, government, law and politics.

Benefits of a Bachelor's Degree

Completing a bachelor’s degree qualifies you for additional job positions and careers. The median salary for those with bachelor’s degrees is 39% higher than for those with a high school diploma (no college experience) and 34% higher for those with some college but no degree, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Career Opportunities

  • Social Worker
  • Social Services Employee
  • Health Services Worker
  • Market Researcher
  • Law Enforcement Agent
  • Media Relations Specialist
  • Real Estate Agent
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Nonprofit Director
  • Public Relations Specialist
Shana Rutherford

“The Sociology program provided me with the tools to serve my community in the manner I felt drawn to. It has unlocked in me a desire to understand my community fully.” “The best part about the UNK sociology department is how flexible it is. As a non-traditional student, flexibility was the only realistic way that I was able to complete my degree. I enjoyed various topics that I was able to explore in my sociology courses. It helped me define my career goals.”

Shana Rutherford