Degree: Bachelor of Science 
Program: Sociology 
Degree Level: Undergraduate
Credit Hours: 120 credit hours
Delivery Format: Online
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The Bachelor of Science in Sociology requires a total of 12 courses or 36 credit hours of coursework. Five courses are required for every student, and seven courses are part of the general sociology emphasis. In addition, a minor of 24 credit hours is required.  

General Studies

(45 credit hours required)

Core Courses 

(24 credit hours)

Take all of the following: 

SOC 100GS - Introduction to Sociology
SOC 237 - Sociological Inquiry
SOC 300 - Sociological Theory 
SOC 370 - Sociological Research 
SOC 468 - Senior Seminar

Take one course (3 hours) from:  

SOC 201 - Social Inequality 
SOC 250GS - Anthropology  

Take one course (3 hours) from:

SOC 225 - Global Cultures and Diversity 
SOC 275 - Social Psychology   

Take one course (3 hours) from: 

PSY 250GS - Behavioral Statistics 
STAT 235GS - Introduction to Statistics for Social Sciences  

Sociology Electives

(12 credit hours) 

Take four courses from: 

SOC 300-SOC 488 
(Except SOC 490; no more than 3 hours from SOC 475)

Minor or 2nd Major

(24 credit hours)

Unrestricted Electives

(15 credit hours) 

For complete program information, view the Undergraduate Catalog.

How do I get started? 


1Request information about the program to learn more.

2. Apply to the program.

3. Contact UNK eCampus with any questions:

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