Early Childhood Inclusive

Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Education 
Program: Early Childhood Inclusive
Degree Level: Undergraduate
Credit Hours: 120 credit hours
Delivery Format: Online with supervised school-based experiences and student teaching.
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The online Early Childhood Inclusive program is designed for in-service teachers, assistants in preschools, staff in HeadStart programs, and other non-traditional students who are unable to attend regular face-to-face classes at a university. An Early Childhood Inclusive teaching certificate will allow students to teach children ages birth to 5 in special education settings and children ages birth to 8 in regular education settings. A review of your transcripts will examine the courses you may have already completed toward the ECI degree program and will determine how many of the program’s 120 hours will be needed for completion. 

General Studies Requirements

(45 credit hours)

Professional Sequence

(24 credit hours) 

TE 100GS - Teaching in a Democratic Society**
TE 204 - Typical/Atypical Growth & Development 
TE 206 - Instructional Technology & the Preservice Teacher 
TE 318 - Management & Assessment in Preschool/Elementary Classrooms 
TE 411 - Inclusive Practices for Students with Exceptionalities in PreK-8 Classrooms 
TE 400 - Student Teaching (12 credits) 

Program-Specific Courses

(50 credit hours) 

TE 311 - Math Methods I
TE 313 - Field Experience: Math 
TE 314 - Phonics and Word Study 
TE 315 - Literacy Assessment 
TE 316 - Primary Grades Literacy 
TE 317 - Field Experience: Literacy 
TE 341 - Foundations of Early Childhood Education 
TE 342 - Literacy Methods for the Preschool Teacher 
TE 343 - Methods of Inclusive Education: Birth to Age 3 
TE 343L - Field Experience: Birth to Age 3
TE 344 - Methods of Inclusive Education: Ages 3-5
TE 344L - Field Experience: Ages 3-5
TE 346 - Early Childhood Program Administration
TE 348 - Math, Science, and Social Studies for Children 0-8
TE 349 - Supporting Young Children Through Family & Community Involvement 
MATH 104 - Concepts in Mathematics and Statistics OR MATH 102GS College Algebra**
MATH 230GS - Math for Elementary Teachers I**
MUS 404 - Music and Movement for Early Childhood Teachers
PE 247 - Nutrition, Health, and Safety for Young Children 
TESE 333 - Serving Young Children with Special Needs 
TESE 334 - Assessment and Intervention
TESE 334L - Field Experience: Assessment and Intervention

Pick one of the following specializations:

1.) Birth Through Kindergarten Specialization

FAMS 302 - Parent Education
TE 336 - Methods for Preschool and Kindergarten Classrooms
TE 338 - Infant and Toddler Mental Health
TE 339 - Infant and Toddler Curriculum
TE 347 - Literacy Methods 0-3

2.) Age 3 to Grade 3 Specialization

MATH 330GS - Math for Elementary Teachers II**
TE 312 - Math Methods II
TE 313 - Field Experience: Math
TE 335 - Inclusive Methods K-3
TE 335L - Field Experience: Inclusive Methods K-3
TE 336 - Methods for Preschool and Kindergarten Classrooms

**Hours included in General Studies.

Courses are rotated regularly and by demand. Full course descriptions and complete program information are listed in the UNK undergraduate catalog.

How do I get started? 


1Request information about the program to learn more.

2. Apply to the program.

3. Contact UNK eCampus with any questions:

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Phone: 308-865-8927
Email: ecampus@unk.edu 

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