Department Accreditation and Program Evaluation

The CSP Department conducts continuous systematic program evaluation clearly demonstrating continual compliance with external accreditation including international (i.e., ISPA, IRCEP), national (i.e. NCA, NASP, CACREP, NCATE), state (NDE) professional accrediting and endorsement bodies as well as internal academic program review (APR).These accreditation processes use both self-assessment and peer assessment to determine how well professional standards are being met and inform the programs for improvement. The accredited status of the CSP degree programs indicate to the university and the public at large that our school psychology, clinical mental health and school counseling programs have accepted and are fulfilling their commitment to educational quality and continual program improvement. CSP program accreditations ensure that graduates develop a professional identity and master the knowledge, skills and dispositions needed to practice effectively.

Counselor Education NCA Report
School Psychology NCA Report