Internships & Job Opportunities

Buckle Internships for CSIT students

Finding and Applying for an Internship

An internship is employment related to the student’s major. The company provides a supervisor/mentor who guides the student. This is an exciting way to gain real-world experience and often provide a foot in the door for professional employment.

While the student is required to have knowledge that they will use on the job, the student is expected to be learning on the job – not doing routine work that they already know. In our field, it seems that each day presents a new learning experience, so this is an exciting way to gain real-world experience.

The primary responsibility for finding an internship belongs to the student. To begin, the student should think about the type of experience and career he/she is interested in pursuing. Students should contact Cyber Systems faculty or visit the Cyber Systems student job website hosted through Handshake for possible internships. Cyber Systems students can also find internships by attending the UNK Career Fairs and the related IT Breakfast, held each October and February.

Students seeking internships should have a(n):

  • Cover letter
  • Updated resume
  • List of Names/addresses of three people who are willing to recommend you for professional employment

Resources for writing your resume:

  • The Career Services Center (MSAB 140)
  • Career Development website
  • Cyber Systems faculty also are willing to review students cover letters and resumes

Cyber Systems Student Job Website through Handshake lists job announcements for students. These include both local part-time employment and national full-time employment for after graduation.

Internship Eligibility and Academic Credit
To apply for internship credit, the student requests permission from the CBT Career Center to complete an internship.