Mandana Shirandasht


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Mandana Shirandasht


I hold a bachelor’s degree in Russian from Tehran University in Tehran and a master’s degree in organizational communication from the University of Nebraska at Kearney.

Classes I teach:

I teach cross-cultural communication and fundamentals of speech communication.

Why I teach Communication:

I enjoy teaching communication because I have the opportunity to work with my students to help them develop effective, proper communication skills.  These skills will have a positive impact on their prospects for employment, their relationships, their interpersonal communication, and their ability to make a difference in the world. Not only do the students learn from me, but I also learn from them. I too become a better communicator. Our shared enthusiasm makes learning more enjoyable.  As a lifelong learner, my hope is to inspire and grow other lifelong learners. 

My favorite thing about teaching at UNK:

The best part of teaching at UNK is the connection to the students and the ability to see them develop into young professionals during their time in our department and at UNK.  It is amazing to see them  grow as people in a safe and caring environment, and meeting the needs of their personal and professional lives. Additionally, I get to know my students and their hopes and dreams for the present and the future.  I  get to learn with them and hopefully make a difference in their lives, while teaching them one of the  most powerful skills in the world: communication.