Dr. Nanette Hogg

Associate Professor

Office: LIBR MC 156   |    Phone: (308) 865-1574   |    Email: hoggn@unk.edu

Dr. Nanette Hogg


Ph.D. Education and Administration, Curriculum and Instruction, University of Nebraska, Lincoln; MSE; BAE

What do you do at UNK?

I teach and research at UNK. I am also the faculty advisor for the Students in Mass Media Honor organization and I am the Vice Chair for the IRB. Some of the courses that I currently teach are Web Site Design ll, Digital Storytelling, Multimedia Senior Directed Study, Diffusion of Innovations, Mass Media & Society, Interactive Media Design, and Senior Portfolio.

Why choose Communication at UNK?

There are several different ways to communicate to the world and in your life. Find your passion for communication through the web, writing, images, video, audio, print, speech and so much more with a degree in Multimedia, Advertising and Public Relations, Journalism, Sports Communication or Organizational and Relational Communication.


I love that my students have the opportunity to work with non-profits and others in the community. Both of these web sites started with a student in the beginning web site design class.



Dr. Carol Lomicky (Professor Emerita in Journalism) and I conducted important research about teaching and learning. A few examples include: