Dr. George Lawson

Associate Professor

Office: LIBR MC 120   |    Phone: (308) 865-8673   |    Email: lawsong@unk.edu

Dr. George Lawson


I graduated from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, Brigham Young University and the University of New Mexico. A teacher creates an environment in which students learn to think for themselves. In some courses prescriptive methods are presented with the student's creativity exhibited in the development of individual assignments. In other courses the student is exposed to new information and trained to cope in communication situations by applying the theories and research of the field.


"Over the years UNK has been the leading Speech Communication training school in the state. A large number of high school speech coaches have taken course work here at the undergraduate or graduate level. In addition with the focus on organizations to hire "internal consultants" more and more communication majors are ask to teach a workshop. The training in Communication Education aids them to be a better presenter of workshop information. Many students enjoyed their high school speech team opportunities. If they choose to be a teacher it is a natural to consider this activity that they so much enjoyed."


I can teach the entire speech curriculum, but I specialize in a few courses that I enjoy teaching: Interviewing, Communication Concepts in Society, Persuasion, Special Topics: Gender Communication, Interpersonal Communication, Administration and Direction of Forensic Activities.