Criminal Justice Internships at UNK

The University of Nebraska at Kearney and the Department of Criminal Justice considers an internship a career enhancing experience. Internships integrate academic studies with work in a practical arena.  In addition to bridging the gap between formal schooling and work, they often function as a launching pad for careers.

All students should take advantage of the opportunity to complete an internship. However, before jumping into this decision, there are several things that must be understood—namely—internship eligibility, finding and applying for an internship, and earning academic credit.  A student completing an internship will also have academic and professional responsibilities that must be met. It is also important to understand how the internship coordinator grades the internship for credit.

Internship Eligibility and Academic Credit
All Criminal Justice students seeking internships in Criminal Justice (CJUS 475) are eligible for an internship if they have junior or senior standing and permission of the instructor and the department chair. One must receive either five, six or nine CJUS 475 credits prior to graduation. Students should work with their academic advisor to determine how many internship credits are appropriate for their individual degree plan.

Finding and Applying for an Internship
The primary responsibility for finding an internship belongs to the student. To begin, start by thinking about the type of experience and career you are interested in pursuing. Contact the internship coordinator for possible internship sites, or visit a few websites that list internships, like You might also be successful in doing an Internet search for internships in your area of interest. After doing this, you will want to speak with the Faculty Internship Coordinator, Kyle Harshbarger. 

The Internship Coordinator assists the sponsoring agency, the University, and most importantly, the students in locating the “right” opportunity; helps to clarify the internship application process; and assigns academic requirements.  In addition to these duties, the faculty internship coordinator is a valuable resource for students seeking a career advancing internship.

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