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The Department of Criminal Justice is committed to preparing students for challenging and exciting careers within federal, state, county, and municipal justice systems. Serving students since 1975, the criminal justice major is one of the largest within the College of Natural and Social Sciences. 

Students who major in Criminal Justice have dozens of exciting occupations to choose from. In addition to entering the work force directly after completing their undergraduate degrees, criminal justice majors also find their degree to be an excellent stepping stone to graduate school, and many have gone on to law school.

Criminal justice careers are very challenging, demanding only the most qualified applicants. Successful job applicants must be of the highest character, and be prepared to have their backgrounds, medical, and psychological fitness investigated by prospective employers. While criminal justice careers are demanding as to commitment, work hours, and character qualification, few other professions offer such challenges and interesting work assignments.
UNK Criminal Justice majors have been successful in establishing careers in a wide variety of exciting fields. In fact, we routinely hear back from our graduates that their Criminal Justice education at UNK prepared them well for the experiences and tasks they have encountered in their careers.

The Criminal Justice Department offers over two dozen specialized courses reflecting current trends in justice in the United States and world-wide. Students have access to faculty with both real-life and research experience. Small class sizes and exciting applied-learning experiences ensure students will get the most out of each course.
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Supervised placement in an agency setting is an essential, and required, part of the Criminal Justice academic degree program. Students have the opportunity to intern in a variety of dynamic settings, both locally and nationally. For example, students have been placed with municipal, county, and state law enforcement agencies (including the Kearney Police Department, the Omaha Police Department, and the Nebraska State Patrol), federal agencies (including the FBI, U.S. Marshals and NCIS), and courts and legal offices. Students have also been placed in a variety of correctional, law enforcement, judicial, juvenile, and probation settings. Students are not limited to doing internships in town or even in Nebraska, they are more than welcome to venture nationally or even globally! Our internship coordinator assists students in finding the appropriate placement and in completing application materials, as well as providing support during the internship. Internships allow students to gain a working knowledge of the criminal justice system in agencies and merge classroom theory with field experiences. Internships are available during the Fall, Spring, and Summer sessions.
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