The primary focus at UNK is the education of students into produc­tive and happy members of our society. It is CERD’s intention to create programs for students to enrich their classroom experience and cre­ate opportunities to gradually transition into the existing ecosystem. We aim to encourage students to be innovative and become critical thinkers that can make confident decisions resulting in the better­ment of others and improving the future for the next generation.

Cultivate Student Organization

Cultivate is a student organization whose mission is to support entrepreneurs and small businesses by empowerment of student entrepreneurs and collaboration with small businesses. Visit the Cultivate Student Organization page to learn more about the organization.


LoperLinks is an online platform, built by UNK students, to bring small business owners/managers and qualified undergraduate students together. Visit our LoperLinks page to find more information on this revolutionary new partnership. Coming summer 2019.

Brewed Awakening

Brewed Awakening is s a student-run coffee shop that is located in West Center at the University of Nebraska at Kearney. It provides walk-up services, as well as a variety of catering services. Go the Brewed Awakening page to learn more about the experiential learning opportunity.

Entrepreneurship Minor

UNK offers an Entrepreneurship Minor that consists of 24 credits. This minor adds value to any and every UNK degree.  The Entrepreneurship Minor, part of the Management Department, is a great way to learn about starting your own business. Learn more about the program on our Entrepreneurship Minor Page.

Get in contact with the Entrepreneurship Faculty for more information.