Brewed Awakening

Brewed Awakening is a student-operated coffee shop located at the east entrance of West Center, which is home to the University of Nebraska at Kearney’s College of Business and Technology.

The overall vision and purpose of Brewed Awakening is for students to have a place to put their skills and knowledge to work through experiential learning in a business setting, and to fulfill dining needs for west campus. Brewed Awakening also aims to build a sense of community in the College of Business and Technology by creating a business that will bring students and staff together.

We serve a variety of drinks from black coffee to specialty drinks and also some food items, and we are always looking for opportunities to grow and help better serve our customers wants and needs. Additionally, we offer catering services both on and off the UNK campus. Check out our brochure or contact our catering manager to learn more about these services.

Additionally, you can stop by our shop, check us out on social media, send us an email, or give us a call to learn more.


Brewed Awakening
Hours: 7:30 am – 12:30 pm
2501 15th Ave. Kearney, NE 68845
(308) 865-8199

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