Student Managed Investment Fund

The William L. Bauhard Student Managed Investment Program fund was established at the University of Nebraska foundation with a leadership gift from Bill Bauhard of Omaha, a retired financial services and telecommunications executive.

Additional funds were contributed to the fund through gifts from:

  • Jack Connealy of JFC Financial Services in Lincoln
  • Ron Eckloff, a certified financial planner in Kearney
  • Financial Leaders Student Association
  • Jay Landell with Wells Fargo Foundation
  • Securities America of Kearney

Students at the University of Nebraska at Kearney gain real-world investment experience before they graduate. Many students today use online simulations to learn about investing, but with the use of the Bauhard Investment Program Fund, undergraduate students in the field of study have the opportunity to use actual funds to make and monitor real investments.

Students in the class work closely with their professor as they select and manage investments. Future income that students earn from investments they make will go to a student scholarship fund that will provide tuition aid for undergraduate students in the college.

"The Bauhard Student Managed Investment Fund algins perfectly with our commitment to enable students to learn by doing - experiential learning has long been a pillar differentiating the UNK College of Business and Technology from its peers," said Dean Tim Jares. "More recently we have augmented this experience by adding four state-of-the-art Bloomberg Terminals in our Financial Research Lab. Bill Bauhard has understood and supported our vision from the beginning. We truly appreciate the contributions Bill and others have made to our programs."


Equity Holdings, Spring 2021

Abbott Laboratories Adobe Systems, Inc. Advansix Inc. Alphabet Inc. Amazon American Electric Power
Apple Inc. Applied Materials, Inc. Archer Daniels Midland AT&T Corp. Bank of America Corp. Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.
Booking Holdings, Inc. Bristol-Myers Squibb Carrier Global Corp. Cigna  Comcast Corp. CVS Health Corp. 
Duke Energy Exxon Mobil Garrett Motion, Inc. General Motors Co. Gilead Sciences Inc.  Goldman Sachs

Home Depot, Inc.

Honeywell Intl, Inc. International Business Machines Corp. Johnson & Johnson Lam Research Corp.

Merck & Co. Inc.

Nucor Corp. Otis Worldwide Corp. Paypal Holdings, Inc. PepsiCo Procter and Gamble Prologis, Inc.
Public Storage Raytheon Technologies Corp. Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Reliance Steel & Aluminum Resideo Technologies, Inc.
SolarEdge Technologies, Inc. Truist Financial Corp. Union Pacific Verizon Communications ViacomCBS

VISA Inc. Co.

Walmart Walt Disney Co. 3M



2020 BAUHARD FUND ANNUAL REPORT2019 Bauhard Fund Annual Report


Fall 2020-Spring 2021 Portfolio Management Team

 Top Row (L to R): Daniel Alvarez, Yutong Li, Max Beal Middle Row (L to R): Justin Peterson, Alex Dayton, Mark Barrientos Bottom Row (L to R): Wyatt Gleason, Cameron Barnes, Zach Ciboron

Top Row (L to R): Daniel Alvarez, Yutong Li, Max Beal
Middle Row (L to R): Justin Peterson, Alex Dayton, Mark Barrientos
Bottom Row (L to R): Wyatt Gleason, Cameron Barnes, Zach Ciboron

Spring 2020 Portfolio Management Team

Spring 2020 Portfolio Management Team

Back row (L to R): Braden Przymus, Tyler Mestl, Jacob Waller, Harrison Webb, Alex Harbols
Front row (L to R): Kortney Smith, Bryce Kelley, Jared Norblade, Codey Krell, Xueyuan Fan.

Fall 2019 Portfolio Management Team

2019 Portfolio Management Team

Back row (L to R): Xueyuan Fan, Alex Harbols, Tyler Mestl, Jacob Waller, Harrison Webb, Brady Przymus, Pengrui Qui
Front row (L to R): Yutong Li, Erin Hallman, Emily Meints, Kortney Smith, Jared Norblade, Bryce Kelley, Codey Krell

Spring 2019 Portfolio Management Team

Spring 2019 Portfolio Management TeamBack row (L to R): Chris Strohmyer, Ryan Clark, Adam Starr, Ryo Ishikawa, Ryan Brungardt, Trae Blanco, Daniel Hernandez
Front row (L to R): Madisson Whalen, Andy Gonzalez, Tristen Crook, Calvin Ochs, Pate Katechis, Ting Ding

Fall 2018 Portfolio Management Team

student investment fund group

Back Row (L to R): Jose Balado Perez, Tyler Myers, Benedikt Kramer, Ryo Ishikawa, Adam Starr, Calvin Ochs, Graham Schnoor, Trae Blanco, Tristan Crook, Chris Strohmyer, Daniel Hernandez Ochoa, Lawrence Mack, Pate Katechis
Front Row (L to R): Madisson Whalen, Megan Dudden, Ting Ding, Allison Beckman, Jiayao Han, Jingyan Zhang
Not pictured: Ryan Brungardt, Tae Yoon Kim

2nd Place Collegiate Stock Pitch Competition 

finance stock pitch group

L-R: Tristan Crook, Madisson Whalen and Adam Starr
2018 Rocky Mountain Investment Competition Team

Blake Holtmeier, Jakob Filsinger, Matthew Testa, Austin Partridge

L-R: Blake Holtmeier, Jakob Filsinger, Matthew Testa, Austin Partridge


Student Reflections:

"The William Bauhard Student Managed Investment Program has been one of the most challenging, yet educational projects I have ever been a part of. It has certainly provided me with the best hands-on experience I've ever received in the classroom setting" M.J.

"The Student Managed Investment Fund project has been an incredibly fun learning experience that allows us students to have the opportunity to invest actual funds. I have thoroughly enjoyed the process for how the class is set to pick an equity and the research/work that follows." J.A.

"The Morningstar Direct on my personal computer was a huge benefit during the research stage of the project" A.H.

"Presenting a stock pitch to a class has been a unique experience that I thoroughly enjoyed, despite struggling occasionally. Finance 480 has given me some extremely valuable insight into these areas. Pitching these stocks has taught me a lot, more than I even knew existed to investing" C.W.

"All in all, I feel like I learned a tremendous amount on the valuation of stocks and really enjoyed the power we had to act as portfolio managers with a large responsibility." S.O.

"The stock pitches and the endowment fund have been a fascinating learning experience." L.U.