UNK Office and Key Policy

Revised - Spring 2007
Approved - 8/10/92

UNK Office Policy

Faculty and administration with assigned offices are subject to the Facilities Policies (excerpts attached) regarding smoking and the issuance and return of keys. Terminating employees must complete the Check-Out Procedure Form.

Terminating faculty and administration must vacate assigned offices and turn in all keys to the Facilities Department, including office and building keys, by 5:00 P. M. on the last day of their final appointment, as specified on their Personnel Action Forms. Academic year appointments normally end the Friday following Spring Commencement. Fall semester and Summer appointments normally end on the day of Commencement. Other teaching appointments normally end on the last day of the assigned courses.

Exceptions to this policy must be made in writing by faculty member's Chair and Dean. Exceptions for administrators must be made in writing by the Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance.

Failure to comply with this policy will result in trespassing charges.