Campus Student Fee Policy


Course Fees
Course fees are established to cover the costs related to a particular course, for example, the costs associated with the bulk purchase of self-assessments or copyright fees.

Laboratory Fees
Laboratory fees are defined as charges made to students to underwrite, in whole or in part, the cost of service, rentals, and consumable supplies utilized in a laboratory environment. These include, for example, such materials as manuals, chemicals, glassware, protective or other clothing, computer related software and expendables, paints, brushes and canvasses.

Miscellaneous Fees
Miscellaneous student fees are defined as all fees other than UPFF, course, and laboratory fees charged to students incidental to the providing of instruction. Examples of fees included within this category are application fees, transcript fees, teacher placement fees, special instructional fees, late payment fees, and returned check fees.
Reference: Regents Policies, RP-5.9.2 (amended July 18, 2013)

The Chancellors on each of the campuses shall report to the President no later than March 1 of each year a listing of all planned changes in student fees of any nature for the next academic year. Any planned increase in fees must be approved by the President and subsequently included as a report to the Board of Regents in a meeting agenda, prior to the proposed implementation of the increased fees. A list of all laboratory fees will be included in the schedule of classes which is provided to students prior to the time that they register for classes.
Reference: Regents Policies, RP-5.9.3 (amended July 18, 2013)