Faculty Development Fellowship Application Procedures

See the Faculty Development Fellowship Policy in the Faculty Handbook for more information about this opportunity. 

Download a Faculty Development Fellowship application forms Application Form (.pdf). Complete the form, and submit it to the office of the SVCAA. The SVCAA will notify applicants of approval. Questions regarding the application process should be directed to the office of the SVCAA, 308-865-8885.

Faculty Development Fellowship applications should follow the timeline shown below for leaves in the next academic year:

  • October 1, Application due to Department Chair
  • November 1, Application due to respective Dean
  • November 15, Application deadline to Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Warner Hall, Suite 1000

Completed applications MUST include the standard form. The application must explain in detail the purpose and expected benefits of the proposed leave. The application shall be reviewed for recommendation to the President by the applicant’s Department Chair, appropriate Dean, the Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and the Chancellor.