Transferring Made Easy

If transferring is the right path for you, we have a network of caring and dedicated professionals here to help ensure your immediate and lasting success. We have streamlined our process – it’s easy to get started. Follow these steps below and let us know what questions you have along the way.

How will my courses transfer to UNK?

Transfer Guide

The UNK Transfer Guide lists transfer courses from a growing number of institutions nationwide. If you have questions on how to use it, or if you do not see your transferring institution, please reach out to the Registrar’s Office via the contact information below


Transferology is another transfer student tool to assist in answering the question of how courses transfer. A student will be able to select courses and identify matching institutions with established equivalencies. This tool is best used if a student is uncertain where they want to transfer.

See links on the right for additional resources available for transfer students. Transfer students can also contact Tom Knott, Associate Director for Transfer Transitions or the Registrar's Office for more information.

Tom Knott
Associate Director Transfer Transitions

Registrar's Office, Erin Pearson
(308) 865-8527