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Student Affairs

Student Affairs Recognition Ceremony

Celebrating the extraordinary contributions of UNK's staff professionals and partners

Student Affairs awards

The Division of Student Affairs honors the diverse contributions of staff, faculty, and community stakeholders through various recognition awards, programs, and grant opportunities. Whether honoring supporting friends of the Division of Student Affairs, or current staff and faculty, we value each person’s unique contributions to the Division of Student Affairs and the University of Nebraska – Kearney. It is through opportunity and the extraordinary accomplishments of many that we lay the foundation for future Lopers.

Dean's Award for Distinguished Service to Student Affairs

2014 Recipient
LeAnn Obrecht, Director, Counseling & Health Care

Student Affairs Partnership Award

The Student Affairs Partnership Award is presented to individuals who have actively worked to create a successful experience for a UNK student, or group of students, by partnering with or by utilizing the resources and personnel within the Division of Student Affairs. The Partnership Awards are presented to individuals in four distinct categories: Faculty, Administration, Support Staff/Service Providers, and Off-Campus individuals. Nominations for the aforementioned awards should clearly define how the nominee worked to establish a successful outcome for the student(s) and how they utilized Divisional resources in doing so.

2014 Recipients
Viero Events Center, Kearney Business & Venue
Sherry Morrow, Assistant Professor, Department of Industrial Technology

Outstanding Professional Staff Award

The award for Outstanding Student Affairs Professional is presented to a candidate with a minimum of five years experience who demonstrates outstanding commitment to the profession and who have contributed to programs that address the needs of students and are experienced in creating campus environments that promote student learning and personal development, while initiating and maintaining mentoring relationships with new professionals throughout the Division.

2014 Recipient
Sharon Pelc, Director, Office of Student Life

Outstanding New Professional Award

The award for Outstanding New Professional is presented to a candidate who has no more than three years of post-graduate (Bachelor’s or Master’s) experience and is currently employed at least half-time within the Division of Student Affairs at the University of Nebraska – Kearney. Nominees should have displayed creativity in problem-solving, a commitment to their own professional development, and have sought to improve the skills and knowledge of their colleagues while creating successful partnerships with UNK students.

2014 Recipient
Becky Davidson, Transcriber Supervisor, Office of Academic Success

Outstanding Staff Support Award

The award for Outstanding Support Staff is presented to a candidate who has made significant contributions to their office or department by consistently providing outstanding customer service; by showing attention to detail in all facets of his/her performance; is willing to exceed expectations; is always striving for efficiency of services, programs, budgets; and actively supports all endeavors of the campus-wide community.

2014 Recipient
Lonna Weiss, Office of the Dean

Outstanding Graduate Student Award

The award for Outstanding Graduate Assistant is presented to a candidate who is currently working to finish a Master’s degree and is employed as a Graduate Assistant within the Division of Student Affairs. Nominees should have displayed a commitment to the provision of outstanding service towards students and other key constituents, will have taken steps to provide innovative and efficient programs or services, and has consistently gone ‘above and beyond’ position requirements in order to maximize both their education and the contribution to their supporting office or department.

2014 Recipient
Jordan Loschen, Office of Counseling & Health Care and Office of Multicultural Affairs

Pratt-Heins Foundation Award

For more than 30 years, the Pratt-Heins Foundation has recognized University of Nebraska – Kearney faculty members for their outstanding contributions in the categories of teaching, service, and scholarship and research.

The award for scholarship and research is based upon evidence of the consistent production of original work in the nominee’s discipline. Each nominee submits a list of research documents and publications, evaluations from individuals qualified to evaluate the scholarship and research of the nominee, and administrative evaluations from the department chair and dean.

Selection for the award is also based upon peer evaluations from faculty, student comments from course evaluations, and the chair and dean of the nominee’s department. Pratt-Heins winners receive a plaque and $1,000.

2014 Recipients
Paul Twigg, Department of Biology - Research & Scholarship
Carol Lilly, Department of History - Service
Janet Steele, Department of Biology - Teaching

University-wide Departmental Teaching Award

One University-wide Departmental Teaching Award (UDTA) is presented each year in honor and recognition of a department or unit within the University of Nebraska system, composed of UNK, UNL, UNO, and UNMC, that has made a unique and significant contribution to the teaching efforts of the University and which has outstanding “esprit de corps” in its dedication to the education of students at the undergraduate, graduate, or professional levels. This award is presented by the University of Nebraska President, in conjunction with the University of Nebraska Board of Regents.

UNK Department of Biology, 2014