Admissions Policies

A new, first-time student at UNK must apply for admission and complete admissions forms. An online application is available at Undergraduate students and graduate students pay a $45.00 application fee. This fee is nonrefundable and is not applied to tuition or other fees. Undergraduate applications and the application fee should be deposited at least one month prior to the beginning of the student's first semester at UNK. Graduate Students should submit the application and fee according to the deadlines stated below. International students must complete the required application and pay the appropriate application fee at least 4 months prior to enrollment.

For the convenience of new undergraduate students attending a Summer Session, UNK has an Open Admissions policy which does not require a student to meet full admission criteria. However, prior to their next registration (for Fall or Spring Semester), these students must apply for official admission to UNK through the Office of Admissions, Memorial Student Affairs Building.

Undergraduate Students:
First-time undergraduate students at UNK apply for admission at

Students who do not wish to pursue a degree at UNK may be admitted as Non-Degree Students (or Visiting Students). Such classifications are exempt from meeting complete admission standards. Non-Degree students are NOT eligible for financial aid.

Graduate Students:
Students who hold bachelor's degrees or above apply for admission through the Office of Graduate Studies & Research, prior to registration for either graduate or undergraduate level courses. Students who are seeking a second bachelor's degree apply through undergraduate admissions. Students may apply online at Non-degree students need to complete an application and submit the application fee along with official undergraduate transcripts. In addition to the application and fee, students seeking an advanced degree must submit official copies of all the transcripts and complete departmental admission requirements. Specific department admission requirements are outlined in detail in the graduate catalog, available online at Deadlines for graduate admission applications are as follows. Fall deadline, September 15; Spring deadline, February 1; and Summer deadline, June 15. It is important for students to review application deadlines for specific programs within the graduate catalog or by contacting the individual department.

Qualified students from other countries and cultures who can bring direct contact with the heritage of their peoples and nations to the University of Nebraska at Kearney are welcome to apply for admission. Inquiries concerning international student admission may be directed to the Office of International Admissions, University of Nebraska at Kearney at (308) 865-8953.

The University of Nebraska at Kearney encourages high school students whose maturity, achievement, aptitude, and goals warrant special consideration to seek early admission. Acceptance is contingent upon a recommendation from a high school official. Early admission students are limited to enrolling for a maximum of six hours per semester and a total accumulation of 16 hours prior to completion of high school requirements.

Students attending another institution of collegiate rank, in which they attempted 12 hours or more following graduation from high school, are considered transfer applicants. A complete application must be submitted before any decision will be made concerning the acceptability of the applicant, or the evaluation of transfer credit.


Undergraduate Students:
Students who have not enrolled at UNK within the last two years must complete an application for readmission. There is no readmission fee. Students who attended in the last two years are a part of the current data base and need NOT apply for readmission.

Graduate Students:
Graduate Students who have not enrolled within the last two years, as well as those seeking admission to a second degree program, must reapply for admission and pay a $45.00 admission fee. Admission application deadlines for degree seeking students are as follows. Fall deadline, June 15; Spring deadline, October 15; and Summer deadline, March 15. It is important for students to review application deadlines for specific programs within the graduate catalog or by contacting the individual department.