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Parking Services

Welcome to the University of Nebraska at Kearney's Parking Services department.

To view or appeal a parking ticket or to view your parking account, please click the following link to UNK's Parking Services form.  To pay a parking ticket go to your “MyBlue account.

Student Vehicle Registration

Faculty/Staff Vehicle Registration

Parking Policies

To find out more about the University of Nebraska at Kearney's parking policies, please follow the links below to the Policies and Procedures document.

Parking Permit Instructions

For students living on campus stop by Parking Services at the General Services Building to purchase your permit. For students requiring commuter or perimeter permits, please complete the Student Vehicle Registration form above. Most of the required information can be found on your State Vehicle Registration (pink slip for Nebraskans). Visit Parking Services located in the General Services Building, with completed form and payment to pick up your permit.

Car showing correct permit location

2014-2015 Student Permit cost:
Student Resident - $110.00
Student Commuter - $90.00
Student Perimeter - $55.00

You can mail the Faculty/Staff Registration form to Parking Services and we will send your permit via campus mail. You can also visit us at Parking Services in the General Services Building with the completed paperwork (this will save time waiting in line).

  1. Most of the required information can be found on your State Vehicle Registration (pink slip for Nebraskans).
  2. You will still need to fill out the vehicle registration form even if Parking Services has your current information. Open the Faculty/Staff Vehicle Registration form above to print the form.
  3. Decide if you would like to use payroll deduction or send a check.
  4. Print, complete and sign the form. If you are using payroll deduction please fill out both sections of the form. If you are paying with check then you will need to fill out the top vehicle registration information only.
  5. Mail completed form and check (if not using payroll deduction) to Parking Services.

In order to obtain your Permit your employment will be verified through Human Resources and all tickets must be paid. We will return your permit via campus mail within one week or less.

2014-2015 Employee Permit cost:
Administrative - $185.00
Faculty/Professional - $120.00
Staff - $100.00

For a list of Parking Regulations, see the Policies tab or obtain regulations from Parking Services or the Finance Office.

Campus Maps

Students with disabilities, please follow the link to UNK's Disability Services Administration's campus map.

For a general map of UNK's campus, click this link for a campus map.

Click this link for walking maps of UNK categorized by length in miles.