Canvas is a cloud-based Learning Management System that makes teaching and learning easier by providing tools to Help teachers get the most out of canvas by easy access to grades, assignments, discussions, course calendar, messaging, educational apps, reports, groups, peer review assignments, rubrics, attendance, analytics report, and interact with students in different ways.

Important links:

  1. Canvas login page,
  2. Authenticate to Canvas by using your UNK username and password
  3. Use the Help button in Canvas Global Navigation bar to get Canvas Help.
  4. Set up your Canvas profile
  5. Set your Canvas notification
  6. Set what courses show on your dashboard
  7. Download and install Canvas Mobile App: Apple or Android
  8. Apps in Canvas
    • VidGrid
      • VidGrid is a video platform for education and training. It empower everyone to create, share, and consume videos. You may access it directly from your Canvas account.
      • VidGrid tutorials
    • Turnitin
      • comprehensive solution for grading assignments, preventing plagiarism, and safeguarding your institution's reputation.
    • Zoom