UNK Printing FAQ

WEPA Print Kiosks

  • Learn more ways to print at wepanow.com/user-guide
  • Print at any kiosk by uploading your file to print on the WEPA website, using the mobile app, or sending it to a WEPA printing queue from a campus computer.
  • Locations: wepanow.com/maps
    • Antelope Hall
    • Calvin T. Ryan Library
    • COE
    • CTE
    • CTW
    • ITEC Department in Otto Olsen
    • Nebraskan Student Union Food Court
    • Nester Hall
    • Mantor Hall
    • Mens Hall
    • MSAB 163
    • URS
    • URN
    • West Center 115E
  • Black and white printing is 5 cents per page and 9 cents for a dual sided sheet.
  • Color printing is 35 cents per page and 68 cents for a dual sided sheet.

Wireless Printers

  • Personal wireless printers will not connect to the UNK wireless network. Turn off the wireless functionality if possible and plug directly in via USB.
  • Wireless printers severely interfere with the wireless network. Always turn off wireless or turn off printer when not in use.