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Graduate Student Semester Cost Estimator

2015-16 Costs

Below you will find an Estimator that will help determine your approximate UNK costs for a semester, based on the criteria you enter. Note: some classes have higher associated fees or tuition costs e.g.: classes with labs, online classes, etc. This calculation is meant only to be an approximation of undergraduate semester expenses. Contact the Finance Office (308) 865-8524 for a more exact calculation.

When you enter the requested data and click on the 'Calculate Cost' button, the form will calculate the line items listed below, and will display an estimated semester total.

*The room rate includes additional fees for laundry, social programing, and the Residence Hall Association. 


How many hours will you be enrolled in this semester?  

If living on campus, what Residence Hall will you be in this semester? 

If living on campus, will you have a roommate? 
Will you have a meal plan this semester? 

Other Expenses for the semester. $
Enter other anticipated school-related expenses here.
(Examples: Books, Parking Permits, Enrollment Fees, Travel, Miscellaneous)


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Total Estimated Semester Cost