Staff Senate Committees and Members



The Executive Committee--composed of the Senate President, Vice President/President Elect, Secretary, and Treasurer—is responsible for: reviewing all committee reports; planning the agenda for Senate meetings; making recommendations to the Senate; reviewing performance management issues relevant to staff mission, compensation, and evaluation; reviewing nominations for and selecting winners of the Staff Award for Excellence; coordinating advocacy on behalf of all staff; serving in an ad hoc capacity if matters of professional conduct arise—to ascertain facts, interpret standards of professional conduct and to address concerns applicable to staff; manage Dependent Scholarship duties.

  • President: Traci Gunderson
  • Vice President: Aaron Estes
  • Secretary:  Carissa Sanny
  • Treasurer: Scott Benson



The Communications Committee coordinates Staff Senate elections as outlined in the Election Procedures section of the Staff Senate Bylaws. Also, this Committee is responsible for maintaining webpages; welcoming new staff to campus; serving as a liaison between all committees and recommending appointment for standing and ad hoc committees.

  • Ex-Officio from University Communications and Marketing:  Amanda Andresen
  • Chair, Holly Peterson
  • Sam Doubet
  • Cami Roach
  • Meredith DeHaven
  • Robert Zbikowski
  • Brette Ensz - Staff Senate Representative
  • Jami Koester - Staff Senate Representative



The Policy Committee meets on an as needed basis, Staff Senate bylaws and the Employee Handbook for Managerial/Professional and Office/Service Staff to recommend revisions as appropriate.

  • Ex-Officio Assistant Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance:  Jane Sheldon
  • Vice President:  Traci Gunderson
  • Carissa Sanny

Professional Development


The Professional Development Committee supports participation in education/training opportunities that enhance job performance and wellness. The ASSIST Program is managed by this Committee.

  • Ex-Officio:  Bryce Abbey
  • Co-Chair, Deb Hruyta
  • Co-Chair, Matt Begnoche
  • Barb Estes
  • Michelle Smidt
  • Deb Huryta
  • Rachael Page
  • Brian Cox
  • Becca Dobry
  • Lucia Raya
  • Kristie Artz
  • Tim Franco
  • Barb Wayman
  • Kevin Hunt
  • Wilma Heinowski



The Recognition Committee promotes programs for rewarding excellence in employee performance and services.

  • Ex-Officio Human Resources:  Emily Beaman
  • Co-Chair, Paula Fuestman
  • Co-Chair, Kristy Buchmeier
  • Karen Myers
  • Rex Bauer
  • Matthew Allbright
  • April White
  • Jamie Hiemke
  • Natalie Hagan
  • Brette Ensz