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Staff Senate

Staff Senate Committees and Members



The Communications Committee coordinates Staff Senate elections as outlined in the Election Procedures section of the Staff Senate Bylaws. Also, this Committee is responsible for helping welcome new employees to campus; producing the Staff Senate newsletter; and recommending appointment for standing and ad hoc committees.

  • Mitch O-Neill, Co-Chair
  • Holly Peterson, Co-Chair
  • Diana Jones
  • Elizabeth Stout
  • Lori Skarka
  • Chris Wilson



The Executive Committee--composed of the Senate President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer—is responsible for: reviewing all committee reports; planning the agenda for Senate meetings; making recommendations to the Senate; reviewing performance management issues relevant to staff mission, compensation, and evaluation; reviewing nominations for and selecting winners of the Staff Award for Excellence (SAFE); coordinating advocacy on behalf of all staff; serving in an ad hoc capacity if matters of professional conduct arise—to ascertain facts, interpret standards of professional conduct, and to address concerns applicable to staff.

  • President: Chelsea Swarm
  • Vice President: Megan Fryda
  • Secretary: Tammy Dietz
  • Treasurer: Stacy Darveau



The Policy Committee annually reviews Regental bylaws, Staff Senate bylaws and the Employee Handbook for Managerial/Professional and Office/Service Staff to recommend revisions as appropriate. Also, this Committee manages the funding related to the scholarships awarded to the dependents of Office/Service employees.

  • Don Wellensiek
  • Jane Sheldon
  • Stacy Darveau

Professional Development


The Professional Development Committee supports participation in education/training opportunities that enhance job performance and wellness. The Mentoring Program is conducted by this Committee.

  • Dee Ellingson, Psychology, Chair
    • Bryce Abbey, Ex Officio
    • Barb Estes
    • Carleen Jurgensen
    • Deb Huryta
    • Dianne Holcomb
    • Glenda Wilson
    • Michelle Smidt
    • Tammy Dietz
    • Terry Grossman
    • Kristin Chamness



The Recognition Committee promotes programs for rewarding excellence in employee performance and services.

  • JoLene Williams, Co-Chair
    • Kristy Buchmeier, Co-Chair of Committee
      • Chelsea Swarm
      • Julie Smith
      • Kim Orcutt
      • Megan Fryda
      • Paula Fuestman