Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate 2014-2015

The Faculty Senate acts as the official voice of the faculty of the University of Nebraska at Kearney. The full Faculty Senate convenes for regular meetings at 7 p.m. on the first Thursday of every month of the academic year (except May, when the "May" meeting is held on the last Thursday of April). Review the Faculty Senators for the current academic year listed below or in the roster.

Executive Committee

Ross Taylor, Marketing/MIS/CBT, President
Daryl Kelley, Sociology, Geography and E.S./CNSS, President Elect
Noah Rogoff, Music & Performing Arts/CFAH, Secretary
Ken Trantham, Physics & Physical Science/CNSS, Past President
Greg Brown, Kinesiology & Sport Sciences/COE, Senate Representative
Bill Wozniak, Psychology/CNSS, Parliamentarian

Faculty Senators

meets at 7:00 p.m. on the first Thursday


College of Fine Arts and Humanities

Daryl Kelley, Sociology, Geography and E.S. (President Elect/EC)
Michael Sutherland, Library
Derrick Burbul, Art & Art History
Ching-Shan (Alex) Jiang, Communication
Denys Van Renen, English
Xavier Chavez, Modern Languages
Noah Rogoff, Music & Performing Arts (Secretary/EC)

College of Business and Technology

College of Natural and Social Sciences

Janet Trewin, Accounting/Finance
Frank Tenkorang, Economics
Tami Moore, FSID
Dale Porter, Industrial Technology
Ron Konecny, Management
Ross Taylor, Marketing/MIS (President/EC)
Letitia Reichart, Biology
Mahesh Pattabiraman, Chemistry
Sherri Harms, CSIT
Kyung Yon Jhi, Criminal Justice
Christina Sogar, Social Work
Roger Davis, History
Jacob Weiss, Mathematics & Statistics
Ken Trantham, Physics & Physical Science (Past President/EC)
Claude Louishomme, Political Science
Bill Wozniak, Psychology (Parliamentarian/EC)

College of Education

Calvin T. Ryan Library

Jan Moore, Communication Disorders
Grace Mims, Counseling & School Psychology
Patricia Hoehner, Educational Administration
Greg Brown, Kinesiology & Sport Sciences (Senate Representative/EC)
Martonia Gaskill, Teacher Education
Susan Mueller, Library

Standing Committees

new terms begin the first day following the regular October Faculty Senate meeting at which standing committee elections are completed

FS Academic Affairs
typically meets on the third Thursday

FS Artists & Lecturers
meets until budget expended

FS Library
meets as needed

Grace Mims, COE
Carla Kegley-Owen, NSS
George Lawson, FAH (Chair)
Kay Hodge, CBT
Rochelle Krueger, Library
Linda Lilienthal, COE
Victoria Goro-Rappoport, FAH
Ken Trantham, NSS
Debbie Bridges, CBT (Secretary)
Xavier Chavez, Faculty Senate
Charlie Bicak, Administration
Kenya Taylor, Administration
Kim Schipporeit, Administration
TBA, Student Senate
TBA, Student Senate
Sharon Campbell, FAH
Dawn Simon, NSS
Vijendra Boken, Faculty Senate
Michelle Fleig-Palmer, CBT
Glenn Tracy, COE
TBA, Student Senate
Heather Schulz, CBT
Sherry Crow, COE
Mark Ellis, NSS
Brian Ray, FAH
Jeanne Stolzer, Graduate College
Deb Schroeder, Administration
Janet Wilke, Administration
TBA, Student Senate

FS Academic Freedom and Tenure
meets as needed

FS eCampus
meetings TBD

FS Oversight
meets as needed

Haishi Cao, NSS
Janet Lear, CBT
Marta Moorman, COE
Janet Trewin, Faculty Senate
Andrew White, FAH
Grace Mims, Faculty Senate
Jan Moore, Faculty Senate
Lisa Kastello, Graduate College
Erin Bush, COE
Noel Palmer, CBT
Casey Schoenebeck, NSS
Sheryl Heidenreich, Library
Roger Davis, Faculty Senate
Amber Messersmith, FAH
David Luker, Administration
Gloria Vavricka, eCampus
Bill Wozniak, Faculty Senate (Chair)
Ken Trantham, Faculty Senate
Greg Brown, Faculty Senate
Susan Mueller, Library
Derrick Burbul, FAH
Christina Sogar, NSS
Tami Moore, CBT
Jan Moore, COE

FS Academic Information Technology
meetings TBD

FS Faculty Welfare
meetings TBD

FS Professional Conduct
meets as needed

Nannette Hogg, FAH (Chair)
Susan Mueller, Library
Noah Rogoff, Faculty Senate
Jeff Nordhues, CBT
Nick Hein, NSS
Martonia Gaskill, COE
Janet Wilke, Administration
Deb Schroeder, Administration
Wilfredo Lopez, Student Senate
Ting-Lan Chen, FAH
Tommy Hansen, COE
Ron Wirtz, Library
Dave Palmer, CBT
Jeremy Dillon, NSS (Chair)
Bill Wozniak, Faculty Senate
Kim Carlson, UNKEA Officer
Daryl Kelley, Faculty Senate
Nathan Buckner, FAH
Greg Brown, Faculty Senate
Karl Borden, CBT
Ken Trantham, NSS
Jon Watts, Staff Senate
Scot Fransk, Staff Senate

FS Athletic
meetings TBD

FS Grievance
meets as needed

FS Student Affairs
meetings TBD

Scott Unruh, UNK NCAA Representative (Chair)
Kathy Smith, Faculty Senate
Jane Strawhecker, Faculty Senate
Mark Ellis, Faculty Senate
Terri Sheridan, Faculty Senate
Xavier Chavez, Faculty Senate
Duane Bierman, Faculty Senate
Paul Plinske, Administration
Jamie Lundgren, Admininstration
TBA, Student Senate
Greg Brown, Faculty Senate
Mark Hartman, FAH
Julie Shaffer, NSS
Larry Carstensen, CBT
Glenn Tracy, COE
Victoria Goro-Rappoport, FAH
Ron Tuttle, CBT
James Rohrer, NSS
Patricia Hoehner, COE
Paul Twigg, NSS
Greg Benson, CBT
Jude Cepero, COE
Noah Rogoff, FAH
Rochelle Krueger, Library
Janet Wilke, Administration
Gilbert Hinga, Administration
TBA, Graduate Students
TBA, Student Senate
TBA, Student Senate
TBA, Student Senate
TBA, Student Senate

Roster listing last updated 10/7/2014