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Communications & Community Relations

News & Communications

News and Communications is part of UNK’s Communications and Community Relations division. Our office is staffed by professional journalists with extensive experience in dealing with all media - print, broadcast and electronic.

The main goal of News and Communications is identifying and developing stories that strategically promote the university. We handle news coverage for major events, organize press conferences and oversee the university’s overall media relations strategy and needs. A primary responsibility is identifying, writing and distributing stories and news photography to local, state and national media. Our office handles distribution of all university news releases -- with the exception of sports information. News and Communications also fields incoming press queries, assisting reporters and serving as the liaison between media and UNK staff and students.

Visit our news page at unknews.unk.edu

Kelly Bartling Kelly Bartling
Assistant Vice Chancellor of Communications and Community Relations
Phone: (308) 865-8455
Email: bartlingkh@unk.edu
Todd Gottula Todd Gottula
Director, News & Internal Communications
Phone: (308) 865-8454
Email: gottulatm@unk.edu
Sara Giboney Sara Giboney
Writing Specialist-Media Communications
Phone: (308) 865-8529
Email: giboneys2@unk.edu