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Science/Math Education M.S.Ed. Program

For Prospective Students

Science/Math Education Program Information

Program information and answers to common questions are given on this webpage -- click on the individual question/topic tabs. We also have a short video that introduces our program:

Link to Science/Math Education Program Introduction Video

Contact the Program Director, Dr. Christopher Exstrom, at exstromc@unk.edu or (308) 865-8565 with any additional questions.

What classes are required to complete the Science/Math Education M.S.Ed. Program?

A. Professional Components (9 hours required)

  1. Curriculum Course (3 hours)
    • BIOL 876 Natural Science Curriculum - 3 hours
  2. Research Course (3 hours)
    • TE 800 Educational Research - 3 hours
  3. Pedagogy Course (3 hours)
    Take 1 course from:
    • TE 804 Curriculum Development in Multicultural Education - 3 hours
    • TE 807P Multiple Intelligences: Theories Into Practice - 3 hours
    • TE 812P Alternative Assessments of Student Performance: Theory Into Practice - 3 hours
    • TE 886P Technology Tools for Teachers - 3 hours

B. Academic Components (27 required)

  1. Major Emphasis (12 hours)
    • 12 hours in an area of endorsement (Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics or Physical Science)
  2. Supporting Courses (9 hours)
    • A minimum of 9 hours in Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Mathematics, Physics, or Physical Science outside the major emphasis. Courses must be taken in at least two disciplines. These courses will be selected to meet student needs as indicated by previous course work and teaching duties.
  3. Electives (6 hours)
    • Approved by the advisor prior to enrollment by the student

Is a thesis project part of the program?

No. There is no thesis project. However, in the near future, we will incorporate a practicum course into the program. This will give the student an opportunity to apply new content and methodology in his or her own classroom setting. However, we anticipate that this practicum course will not be required for students who enter the program before the Fall 2016 semester.

What are the requirements for admission into the Science/Math Education program?

To enter the program you must have a Bachelor’s Degree with a teaching endorsement in Biology, Math, Chemistry, Natural Science, Physics or Physical Science and a standard teaching certificate or license. Applicants with middle-grades teaching endorsements may be admitted into the program depending on their level of undergraduate science/math preparation.

As an institution, UNK has a minimum overall undergraduate grade point average requirement of 2.75 (on a 4.00-point scale). The Science/Math Education Program Committee also evaluates the math, science, and teacher education course experience and grades.

Can exceptions be made to some of the requirements?

If you do not have a teaching certificate/license but are actively working toward it, we will be happy to consider your application if your undergraduate math, science, and teacher education course background is comparable to those who have earned B.S.Ed. degrees.

Where can I find information about individual courses offered?

There are two links in the left-hand menu that may be helpful:

Click on "Individual Course Information" for a complete listing of all Science/Math Education online courses that have been developed and offered by the Biology, Chemistry, Physics & Physical Science, Mathematics & Statistics, and Teacher Education Departments. Where available, sample syllabi are included. (NOTE: Some of these classes may not be offered on a regular basis.)

There are also links to specific semester course offerings, such as "Summer 2014 Course Offerings".

What are the tuition rates and fees?

Go to this web page for the latest information:


How do I apply to the Science/Math Education M.S.Ed. program

To qualify for work on this degree, a student must have an endorsement in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Natural Science, Physics, or Physical Science and meet the general requirements for entrance to graduate studies. Applicants with middle-grades endorsements may be eligible for admission depending on their level of undergraduate science/math preparation. Admission to degree work is contingent upon evaluation of transcripts. Contact the Program Director (Dr. Christopher Exstrom, 308-865-8565, exstromc@unk.edu) with any questions regarding admission requirements or instructions.

Complete the UNK online application form

This form can be accessed at the link below. There is a one-time $45.00 application fee.

UNK Online Application

On the Academic Interest page, choose the following:

Select College: College of Natural and Social Sciences

Select Program of Study: Science/Math Education

Select Emphasis/Concentration: choose from Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics/Physical Science

Application materials must include a letter of intent. In this letter, describe your current teaching position and discuss how competing the UNK Science/ Math Education M.S.Ed. program will help you meet your educational and professional goals. Summarize your undergraduate science, math, and education training and how it has prepared you for our program. If your current teaching certificate or license is from a state other than Nebraska, include a brief explanation of the certification/licensing requirements in your state. Address the letter to:

Dr. Christopher Exstrom
Professor of Chemistry
University of Nebraska at Kearney
405C Bruner Hall
2401 11th Avenue
Kearney, NE 68849-1150

Send Transcripts

Send one official copy of transcripts from every institution you have previously attended to:

Graduate Admissions Office
University of Nebraska at Kearney
2131 Founders Hall
2504 9th Avenue
Kearney, NE 68849

Graduate Admissions Office contact information:

Phone: (308) 865-8500 or (800) 717-7881
Fax: (308) 865-8837

When are application deadlines?

Fall semester admission: June 15
Spring semester admission: October 15
Summer session admission: March 15

Can I transfer in graduate course credits from other institutions?

Graduate-level courses completed at other institutions may be transferred into your degree program upon approval by the Program Director on a course-by-course basis. There are two UNK institutional rules that apply to all graduate students and programs:

  • At least 50% of your degree program credit hours must come from UNK courses.
  • No more than 9 credit hours may be transferred in from institutions outside the University of Nebraska system.

To request one or more course transfers, do the following:

  • E-mail your request to the Program Director (Dr. Christopher Exstrom, exstromc@unk.edu) and include a course description via syllabus attachment or web link to the other institution's course catalog.
  • Upon approval, complete a Change of Program of Study form and indicate which degree program category the transferred course will apply to.
  • Sign this form and e-mail (preferred) or mail it to the Program Director.
  • The Program Director will sign the form and forward it to the Graduate Office for final approval by the Dean of Graduate Studies.

Guidelines for Course Transfer Approval (see the Degree Program Structure webpage for category descriptions):

Professional Component Category -- The course must be largely equivalent to a UNK course that satisfies the educational curriculum, research, or pedagogy course requirement.

Major Emphasis and Supporting Course Categories -- At least 50% of the course must focus on math or science content. If the course focuses more on pedagogy, it would be more appropriate as an elective course transfer.

Electives Category -- Any math, science, or teacher education course (content- or pedagogy-focused) that serves the mission of our program and your teaching needs is eligible for transfer in this category. (NOTE: Courses that focus on school administration will not be acceptable for transfer.)

Who do I contact if I have more questions?

For nearly all questions, the Program Director, Dr. Christopher Exstrom, is your best resource. Contact him at exstromc@unk.edu or (308) 865-8565. There are a couple of situations where it is better to contact other offices directly:

Financial Aid information -- Contact the UNK Financial Aid Office at finaid1@unk.edu or (308) 865-8520

Application Status -- Contact the UNK Graduate Admissions Office at gradstudies@unk.edu , (308) 865-8500, or (800) 717-7881