Psychology: Answering life's most important questions

Psychology is the scientific investigation of behavior and mental processes. It illuminates some of life's most important questions and provides us with a rich understanding of social influence, learning, human intelligence, the roots of personality, the effects of stress on health, and a myriad of other topics.

Psychology Mission Statement

Through the use of a modern undergraduate curriculum that includes laboratory and research experiences, the UNK Department of Psychology strives to facilitate and enhance students’ understanding of the field of psychology, prepare them for graduate work and/or employment, and prepare them for life as contributing members of society that is increasingly dependent on scientific literacy.

Learning Goals:

  1. Students will develop a comprehensive knowledge base (basic knowledge of psychology).
  2. Students will be familiar with the research methodology for furthering ideas, theory, and knowledge within the discipline.
  3. Students will communicate their knowledge clearly through both spoken and written media.
  4. Students will apply their knowledge with:
    • Tolerance of conflicting viewpoints.
    • Critical thinking approaches.
    • Appropriate professional and scientific ethics and values.
  1. Students will be prepared for future academic and/or professional endeavors.

The development of faculty and students as both learners and creators of knowledge takes place in a variety of venues: lectures, laboratories, seminars, conferences, journals, advising sessions, and committee meetings. The activities that take place in these venues serve to support our primary purpose.

Here are five important questions and answers about the Psychology department that you should have.