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Modern Languages

About Us

The Department of Modern Languages plays a key role at UNK by preparing students for an increasingly global, multicultural society in which knowledge of other languages and cultures is an important asset. Offering courses essential for a strong liberal arts education, Modern Languages is developing new ways to enhance the teaching and learning environment for students who will become successful teachers of foreign languages, translators and interpreters, and leaders in international business and education.

With an emphasis on interaction between students and faculty, departmental programs feature courses in language, literature, and culture. Other courses provide training in teaching methods, translation and interpretation, and multicultural understanding. Committed to excellent teaching, faculty in the Department of Modern Languages are scholars who continue their intellectual development and use their expertise to enliven the students' learning experience. Students can choose to participate in a wide variety of educational activities, including Study Abroad in Mexico, the Foreign Film Series, and the study of beginning Japanese.

For additional information, please contact the Department of Modern Languages at: (308) 865-8536.