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New Graduate Students

Congratulations on your Admission! We are excited that you have chosen UNK to advance your educational goals. To help ensure your journey as a new graduate student begins smoothly, please review the following:

Admission Letter

Please pay close attention to the wording in your admission letter.  If you have been conditionally admitted, it is important that you understand what these conditions are and successfully complete them in a timely manner. Registration for future terms may be restricted until conditions have been met.  Log in to your MyBlue Portal account (with theNUID and password you created upon applying) and look for ‘hold’ information that may restrict future registration due to conditional admission.  Your NUID is also located in the top right hand corner of your admit letter.


To view your advisor’s name and contact information, Log into your MyBlue account, click on the “Student Center” button, then click on the ‘academics’ tab, then click the gold triangle to the left of “Program & Advisor”.

Degree Audit

Your official Program of Study/Degree Audit is interactive with your UNK registration, so as you register and complete courses, your degree audit will show your progress.  To view your electronic Degree Audit, log into your MyBlue account and click on the degree audit link listed in the left hand menu under the “Academics” section.

Class Search

To search for courses offered each semester, go to the MyBlue Home page (before you log in) click on "UNK Class Search." Set the Subject as well as the Course Career to graduate to search by only graduate level courses per department. 

Once you are logged into your MyBlue, you can search for classes on the Enrollment page. Click Advanced Search to set the subject and the academic career to show only graduate level courses.


New Students begin registering for classes during general registration. Registration dates can be found on the Academic Calendar listed in your MyBlue account. Once you are activated for registration, click on the red “Student Center” button.  Registration is a three step process, so make sure that you complete all steps required.  For a more detailed step by step process view the tutorial.  


Need a book for your class?  Search for required books online. 

eMail account

You will be assigned a UNK LoperMail account once you have enrolled for classes.  Please see the attached information sheet for additional information.  Your LoperMail account will be the primary mechanism by which the University communicates important information to you, so make sure to check it often.  Log into your MyBlue account and in the left hand menu click on ‘email addresses’ in the Personal Information Section.  If you have been assigned a Lopermail account it will show.


Blackboard is UNK’s online classroom.  Once enrolled in an online class, you will need to create an EASI password (this same password is used for Lopermail) to be able to log into Blackboard.  If you are enrolled in a course on MyBlue and it is not showing up in Blackboard, your instructor has not made the course available. Once your instructor makes the course available, you will see it in your list of courses. Most instructors do not make a course available until the first day of class. If you have any questions about when this course will be available, contact the instructor.