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Welcome to the UNK Department of English. We are happy that you have chosen to pursue your education with us. Our department has a long-standing reputation for outstanding teaching. Members of our faculty are among the best in the nation and publish actively in their specializations. Graduates in our program have gone on to become successful teachers, writers, editors, and scholars, while others have entered careers in business, law, medicine, government, and the arts.

We offer many opportunities for students to gain a richer educational experience: visiting artists and lecturers, workshops, and support for national competitions and student conferences as well as student publications and organizations. We also provide many opportunities for our students to earn scholarships to support their education.

So if you are one with a passion for reading and writing about literature, or for creative expression, we have something to offer you. We look forward to working with you and enriching your life as a student of language and literature.

Dr. Samuel J. Umland
Professor of English, Chair, Department of English

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Department Office Associate:
Ruth Behlmann, 308-865-8299

Dr. Sam Umland, (308) 865-8299 - Department Chair
Dr. Susanne George Bloomfield, (308) 991-4647 - American Literature
Dr. Susan E. Honeyman, (308) 865-8563 - Children's Literature, Young Adult Literature, Graphic Novel
Robert Luscher, (308) 865-8115 - American Literature, Thompson Scholars Learning Community Faculty Advisor
Dr Marguerite Tassi, (308) 865-8117 - Shakespeare, Martin Distinguished Professor
Dr. Rebecca Umland, Victorian Literature, World Literature
Associate Professors:
Dr. Michelle Beissel Heath, (308) 865-8109 - Children's Literature, Nineteenth-Century British Literature
Dr. Martha Kruse, (308) 865-8415 - Graduate Director
Assistant Professors:
Dr. Robert Fernandez, (308) 865-8059 - Reynolds Chair of Poetry
Dr. Megan Hartman, (308) 865-8984 - Grammar, Linguistics, Medieval Literature
Dr. Maria O'Malley, (308) 865-8295 - American Literature
Dr. Brian Ray, (308) 865-8116 - Composition Coordinator
Dr. Denys Van Renen, (308) 865-8717 - Milton, Eighteenth-Century British Literature 

Jane Christensen, christenseje@unk.edu, (308) 865-8172
Jessica Hollander, hollanderje@unk.edu, (308) 865-8990
Anita Lorentzen, lorentzenam@unk.edu, (308) 865-8936
Bobby Meyer, meyerbj@unk.edu, (308) 865-8106
Jan Thompson, thompsonjl@unk.edu, (308) 865-8847
Jenara Turman, turmanj@unk.edu, (308) 865-8116
Rebecca Addy, addyrg@unk.edu, (308) 865-8297
Monica Goodell, goodellme@unk.edu, (308) 865-8297
Karyn Hixson, hixsonkl@lopers.unk.edu, (308) 865-8294
Katie McGinnis, mcginniska@unk.edu, (308) 865-8297
Ruth Olsen, olsenra@unk.edu, (308) 865-1591
Cynthia Ostrom, ostromcl@unk.edu, (308) 865-1591
David W. Pearson, pearsondw@unk.edu, (308) 865-8887
Dennis Seberger, sebergerdg@lopers.unk.edu, (308) 865-8887
Graduate Assistants:
Joel Cardenas, cardenasjc@lopers.unk.edu, (308) 865-8887
Kevin Stones, stoneskd@lopers.unk.edu, (308) 865-8887