Faculty & Staff

Faculty & Staff

Our award-winning English faculty model the teacher/scholar paradigm and encourage scholarship and creativity in our students, both graduate and undergraduate. Our teaching and scholarly activities are enhanced by an active commitment to our students, our campus, and our discipline. Our student-centered faculty focuses on literary traditions across a broad range of texts and media, examining the structures of literary form and genre, cultural history, and critical analysis. We emphasize interpretative and critical thinking as well as creative and scholarly writing. 

Our distinguished and productive teacher/scholars and creative writers practice what they teach. They publish widely in national peer-reviewed journals and have books  accepted by prestigious presses. Their work is supported by national and regional awards and endowments, such as the National Endowment for the Arts, the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Plains Humanities Alliance, the Nebraska Arts Council, the Nebraska Humanities Council, and the Research Services Council. Conference presentations have taken them to Spain, Scotland, England, France, Italy, India, China, Canada, Mexico, and across the United States. Often students, both graduate and undergraduate, accompany them on their scholarly journeys to present their own papers. 

Whether you are interested in Shakespeare or popular culture, Virginia Woolf or John Updike, Western American literature or transnational literature, Chaucer or Children’s literature, short stories or poetry or graphic novels, we have a faculty member ready to share his or her expertise with you. Check out the wide-ranging specializations of our faculty. 

Dr. Sam Umland, Department Chair
Dr. Martha Kruse, Director of Graduate Studies
Dr. Brian Ray, Composition Coordinator
Ruth Behlmann, Department Secretary


Michelle Beissel Heath, Associate Professor

Susanne George Bloomfield, Professor

Robert Fernadez, Assistant Professor, Reynolds Chair of Poetry

Megan Hartman, Assistant Professor

Susan E. Honeyman, Professor

Robert Luscher, Professor

Maria O'Malley, Assistant Professor

Marguerite Tassi, Martin Distinguished Professor

Rebecca Umland, Professor

Denys Van Renen, Assistant Professor


Lecturers Email Office Phone
Jane Christensen christenseje@unk.edu Conrad Hall 115 (308) 865-8172
Jessica Hollander hollanderje@unk.edu Thomas 109D (308) 865-8990
Anita Lorentzen lorentzenam@unk.edu Thomas 202E (308) 865-8936
Bobby Meyer meyerbj@unk.edu Thomas 203A (308) 865-8106
Jan Thompson thompsonjl@unk.edu Thomas 203D (308) 865-8847
Jenara Turman turmanj@unk.edu Thomas 205E (308) 865-8116


Adjuncts Email Office Phone
Rebecca Addy addyrg@unk.edu Thomas 206 (308) 865-8297
Monica Goodell goodellme@unk.edu Thomas 206 (308) 865-8297
Mary Hickman-Fernandez hickmanmr@unk.edu Thomas 205D (308) 865-8059
Karyn Hixson hixsonkl@lopers.unk.edu Thomas 205C (308) 865-8294
Katie McGinnis mcginniska@unk.edu Thomas 204 (308) 865-8297
Ruth Olsen olsenra@unk.edu Thomas 205A (308) 865-1591
Cynthia Ostrom ostromcl@unk.edu Thomas 205A (308) 865-1591
David W. Pearson pearsondw@unk.edu Thomas 103 (308) 865-8887
Dennis Seberger sebergerdg@lopers.unk.edu Thomas 103 (308) 865-8887

Graduate Assistants

Graduate Assistants Email Office Phone
Joel Cardenas cardenasjc@lopers.unk.edu Thomas 103 (308) 865-8887
Kevin Stones stoneskd@lopers.unk.edu Thomas 103 (308) 865-8887