Susan E. Honeyman


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Susan E. Honeyman



Ph.D. in English, Wayne State University, Detroit. December 2001 
M.A. in English, University of Kansas, Lawrence. September 1993
Film and Comparative Literature, University of Hull, England. August 1989-July 1990 
B.A. in English, University of Kansas, Lawrence. May 1989

Professional Experience

Professor, University of Nebraska at Kearney, 2002-present. 

Research interests

  • Childhood Studies
  • Youth Literature and Politics
  • Cultural Studies
  • Folklore
  • and Comics

Classes taught

  • Children's Literature
  • Literature for Adolescents
  • Principles of Literary Criticism
  • Queer Literature
  • and the Graphic Novel  


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  • Consuming Agency in Fairy Tales, Childlore, and Folkliterature. Routledge, 2010.  
  • Elusive Childhood: Impossible Representations in Modern Fiction. Ohio State University Press, 2005.
Articles, Book Chapters & Reviews
  • “Lies We Tell Sick Children: Mutual Pretense and Uninformed Consent by Proxy in Cancer Narratives” in The Lion and the Unicorn 40.1 (2016)
  • “Pain Proxies, Migraine, and Invisible Disability in Renée French’s H Day” in Studies in Comics 5.2 (2014)
  • “Escaping the Prison-House: Visualcy and Prelanguage in Sheldon Mayer’s Sugar and SpikeChildren’s Literature Association Quarterly 39.2 (2014)
  • "Trans(cending)gender."The Children's Table: Interdisciplinary Childhood Studies. Ed. Anna Mae Duane. University of Georgia Press (2013).  
  • Book Review of Elisabeth Young-Breuhl's Childism: Confronting Prejudice Against Children in Children's Literature Association Quarterly 38:1 (2013) 126-129.  
  • Book Review of Charles Hatten's The End of Domesticity: Alienation from the Family in Dickens, Eliot, and James in The Henry James Review (2011) 97-99.  
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