UNKEA/NSEA/NEA Benefits Card

UNKEA/NSEA/NEA Benefits Card

Most of the plastic cards in your purse or wallet help you to spend your hard-earned dollars. The card you received via email in the past few days will help you save! Your NSEA Membership Card opens a new world of money-saving benefits for you and your family. Your card can save you hundreds — even thousands — of dollars at more than 250,000 locations nationwide. You will find savings on groceries, flowers, brand-name clothing, car rentals, motels, school supplies, computers and more.

If you have not previously done so, activate your card today using one of these simple steps:

* Call 1-888-313-6591 to speak with an Access representative. Once online, you can search for savings opportunities by city, by ZIP code and by savings category. Be sure to follow each merchant’s specific redemption instructions. If you need help saving, call Access at 1-888-313-6591.

You can also download NSEA’s ‘My Deal’ mobile application, allowing you to use the money-saving Access program on your cell phone. For details, check the NSEA website.

If at any time you need to print a replacement membership card, visit www.nsea.org/mycard. Enter your ID number to print the card, or you can save your card to your smartphone to have with you at all times.