Gender Identity & Legal Sex

Although there is no controlling law regarding the documentation necessary to change sex in the records of public universities, many public universities allow an individual to change their sex in university records based on presentation of documents that do not require completion of sex reassignment surgery, but do require a physician’s statement of treatment for gender transition.  The DMV and some federal agencies that issue identification documents are also moving toward identification based on gender identity and do not require completion of sex reassignment surgery to change the sex on such documents.

What is Gender Identity?  What is Legal Sex?

Gender identity is the gender with which a person identifies (i.e. whether one uses man, woman, or more individualized terminology to describe oneself).  One’s gender identity may or may not differ from one’s legal sex which is assigned at birth based on biological characteristics.

Legal sex is a person’s sex as currently indicated on a birth certificate, passport or other official document.  It may differ from one’s gender identity and/or sex assigned at birth.

UNK Students who wish to change their legal sex in university records should submit legal documentation to the Office of the University Registrar.  Legal documentation may include a Nebraska Driver’s License, copy of a Certification of Sex Reassignment DMV form, a Birth Certificate or Passport with your identified sex.   

Students can enter and edit their gender identity under Profile in MyBLUE. In addition, information including gender identity values and definitions and instructions on how to update the information in MyBLUE is available here.