Gender Designation

Although there is no controlling law regarding the documentation necessary to change sex in the records of public universities, many public universities allow an individual to change their sex in university records based on presentation of documents that do not require completion of sex reassignment surgery, but do require a physician’s statement of treatment for gender transition.  The DMV and some federal agencies that issue identification documents are also moving toward identification based on gender identity and do not require completion of sex reassignment surgery to change the sex on such documents.


UNK Students who wish to change their gender designation in university records should follow the procedure outlined below. For access to be able to change their name, follow this link.

1. Nebraska students with a valid Nebraska Driver’s License must process a gender change with the Department of Motor Vehicles first and then bring their newly issued driver’s license to the Registrar’s Office in order to make a change.  In lieu of a driver’s license, they may also provide an updated valid passport or an amended birth certificate.

2. Students who are not Nebraska residents or who do not have a valid Nebraska Driver’s License must compete the Gender Change Request form.  This form is available in the Registrar’s Office and requires a signed statement by a physician that the student has undergone sex reassignment procedures for social gender recognition.