Class Rosters

Rosters listing the names of students enrolled in classes are available to all faculty on MyBLUE.

Class rosters are vital because they represent the feedback mechanism by which corrections, changes, additions, etc. are brought to the attention of the Office of University Registrar. Unless the faculty who are teaching the classes and the respective department chairpersons reconcile the class rosters, it is virtually impossible to keep the information accurate and current.

Correction Rosters
Correction rosters are generated about three weeks into the Fall and Spring semesters and provide instructors an opportunity to identify and report corrections to the Office of University Registrar. Correction rosters represent the names of students who have registered and who should be attending class. Faculty should carefully cross-check the correction class rosters with the names of students actually attending class. Procedures are attached to the roster when it is sent to the instructor. Faculty are asked to make necessary corrections on the roster including deleting names of students who have dropped the course, adding names of students who are attending class but are not showing on the roster, and indicating the section number/instructor for students who are attending another section of the same course, if that information is known.

This information will assist the Office of University Registrar in making corrections, and in contacting those students not attending classes. The correction rosters are to be returned to the department chairperson for transmittal to the Office of University Registrar. As mentioned above, the Office of University Registrar uses the information provided on the correction rosters to contact students to help resolve registration discrepancies. If the problems cannot be resolved, a letter is mailed to the student at their last known address, explaining his/her options at that time.

Permanent Rosters
About seven weeks into the Fall and Spring semesters, the class rosters available on MyBLUE should be an accurate list of students actually enrolled and entitled to be in the class. The class roster reflects all drops, adds, and withdrawals processed through the seventh week of the semester. It is imperative that any inaccuracies in the permanent rosters be cleared with the Office of University Registrar before MyBLUE opens for grading.

Faculty should carefully check these rosters against the names of students actually attending class AND REPORT ANY DISCREPANCIES TO THE OFFICE OF UNIVERSITY REGISTRAR IMMEDIATELY. Students whose names are not on the roster should not be allowed into the class until they can prove that they have paid their tuition and fees by showing a receipt of payment.

Final Grade
MyBLUE opens for grading approximately 10 days before the end of the semester/summer session. Final grades are to be posted by the date shown on the MyBLUE screen (usually three working days after the end of the term). Students are able to view their grades on MyBLUE immediately after they are submitted.

By reviewing the registration status on the rosters provided during the semester by the Office of University Registrar, instructors can encourage students to take the proper steps to correct any discrepancies, thus assuring accuracy for the final grade reporting.