Change of Campus

Students who are currently pursuing a degree at one campus of the University of Nebraska System and want to pursue a degree from another campus of the University of Nebraska must complete a Change of Campus Form. Students should check with the campus they are "transferring" to in order to determine eligibility to register at that campus.

Students who have already pre-registered for an upcoming term and who now wish to change their registration to another campus within the University System must cancel their previous registration, file a Change of Campus form, and register with the desired campus.

Undergraduate Students:
Complete a Change of Campus form and an Application for Admission. It is important to be aware of application deadlines at the new campus and to complete the process promptly to avoid any delay in beginning coursework on the new campus. No application fee or entrance examinations are required.

Graduate Students:
Complete a new application and pay the application fee. Graduate students wanting to change campuses must adhere to all application deadlines at the new campus. Graduate application deadlines at UNK are as follows. Fall Admission June 15; Spring Admission: October 15; Summer Admission: March 15

The current campus will forward all transcripts and test scores to the new campus. If the application on the new campus requires letters of recommendation, letters of interest, writing samples or other documents, these must be created and submitted along with the application to the new campus.

Admission on the current campus does not guarantee admission to the new campus. Students must comply with all admission requirements on the new campus and will be evaluated by the graduate committee.