Get Your UNK Card

Students, Employees, and Affiliates may obtain their UNK ID Card by visiting UNK Card Services located in Suite 142G of the Nebraskan Student Union, inside the Office of Student Life. You must appear in person to obtain your identification card. We will issue the card only to you and no one else.

Proper identification is required before issuing a UNK ID Card. A valid driver's license, government-issued ID, military ID, or passport are acceptable forms of identification. The document must contain a photograph. The name that appears on the document must match the name that is on your student or personnel record.

Name changes (including preferred name) must first be changed on your student record or personnel record before a new UNK ID Card can be issued. Visit the Student Records Office or Human Resources Office as applicable.

Your card includes a digital photograph taken against a white background. Hats, scarves, bandanas, headbands and sunglasses must be removed for the photograph, except for items that must be worn for religious reasons.

Since the primary purpose of your card is to serve as a form of identification, when replacing a card, we are required to retake your photograph if the previous photo is older than one year.

To submit your photo online or using your smartphone, read instructions.

There is a $10 fee for a replacement card should your UNK ID Card become damaged, lost, or stolen. Cash or checks are accepted.

Students - New students will typically receive their UNK ID Card during the one day summer advising and enrollment. Other students can visit the UNK Card Office to receive their UNK ID Card if they are currently enrolled in on campus classes.

Employees may receive their UNK ID Card the day after they become an active employee in the SAP Human Resources system. You may contact the UNK Card Office (308-865-8154) to verify that your information has been downloaded to the UNK card system before you visit the UNK Card Office.

Affiliates must complete an Affiliate UNK ID Card Request form signed by a Sponsoring Department. Upon approval by the Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance, an affiliate will be notified that they may visit the UNK Card Office to receive their UNK ID Card.