Finance Office

The Finance Office seeks to provide accurate and accessible billing services to students and effectively assist them with any questions or concerns. The Finance Office also strives to provide accurate and timely accounting information and financial analytical services to assist the administration, faculty, and staff in efficiently and effectively managing, monitoring, and controlling the financial resources of the University. Functions that the Finance Office maintains are Cashiering, Property and Equipment, General Accounting, Grants Accounting, Student Accounts, Perkins Loan, and UNK ID Card.

General Accounting

General Accounting is responsible for the maintenance of the University's SAP financial system and coordinates interfaces with other financial systems including the Student Information System and the Nebraska Accounting System. This department is also responsible for external and internal audits, maintaining adequate internal control over financial transactions and ensuring that financial transactions are recorded in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.

Grants Accounting

Grants Accounting is responsible for the collection of grant proceeds, the review and submission of post-award financial reports, and works closely with principle investigators to ensure that financial transactions comply with granting agency regulations. This department also works with the Department of Health and Human Services to negotiate UNK's indirect cost rate

Student Accounts

Student Accounts works closely with the Financial Aid, Registrar, and Residence Life offices ensuring that students are billed correctly and that they receive credit for financial aid and scholarships. This department also maintains the billing and receivables module of the Student information System.

Perkins Loan

Perkins Loan Office is here to assist students in the repayment of their Perkins loan. The Perkins loan office is responsible for the collection of Federal Perkins Student Loans including billing, exit interviews, payment processing, deferments, cancellation and loan account maintenance.


UNK Card- All University of Nebraska at Kearney faculty, staff and students are issued identification cards. This card identifies the carrier as an employee or student of the University of Nebraska at Kearney. If the card is lost, stolen, or destroyed, the cardholder should contact the UNK Card Office to apply for a new one.


Cashiering is responsible for receipting all campus revenues including student payments and department deposits as well as the disbursement of student refunds.

Property and Equipment

Property and Equipment is responsible for maintaining the accounting and financial records for additions, disposals, transfers and sales of all UNK real and personal property. This department works closely with the faculty and staff as well as the facilities department to ensure that equipment is safeguarded and that surplus property is reassigned or properly disposed.