Budget Process and Resources

Budget Process

Time Frame Action
February - March Budget validation: departments are asked to validate and approve their roster of employees to be used in salary pool calculation.
April 1 Permanent budget freeze: snapshot of permanent budget is taken to determine filled, permanent positions to be used in salary pool calculation.
Mid May Salary pools are loaded to Budget Prep.
Mid May - Mid June Raises awarded are loaded in Budget Prep.
Mid June - Mid July Balancing entries made in Budget Prep by the Budget Office.
Late July Budget Prep locked and used to prepare the General Operating Budget. Budget Control System is populated with budget data for new fiscal year.
Early August Budget Control System opens for new fiscal year transactions.
September - January Maintenance, reporting, training, and process improvement.


Budget Transfer

Requests to transfer budget allocations within a budget program may be submitted to the Budget Office during the fiscal year. All budget transfer requests must be submitted on a Budget Transfer Form.

Obtain the Budget Transfer Form at SAPPHIRE › UNK › Budget Office › UNK Budget Transfer Form.

Cost Center Revenue & Expense Summary

The Cost Center Revenue & Expense Summary located in SAP and Firefly is used to view the cost center plan (budget) and to monitor the process of the current year's activity (expenses) against the plan. The report is to be monitored by the person controlling the cost center to assure that expenditures stay within the limitations of the budget.