Budget Process and Resources

Budget Process

Department chairs prepare budget requests. Directors prepare budget request.

University Deans review department budget requests and place in order. Vice Chancellors review directors' budget requests.

VC for Academic Affairs reviews university budget requests and establishes instructional priorities. Vice Chancellors establish priority order for directors' budget requests.

Review for budget requests by Chancellor's Planning Council, Faculty Senate Executives Committee, and Chancellor's Administrative Council.

Chancellor submits to Board of Regents.

University President reviews requests and establishes system priorities for Board of Regents approval.

University approved budget requests submitted to DAS Budget Division and Legislature Fiscal Office.

Governor establishes budget bill.

Appropriations Committee conducts budget hearings.

Appropriations Committee establishes budget recommendations.

Budget Bill approved by Legislature.

Governor approves/vetoes budget bill. 150 Document Last Revised 11/12/2018

University President submits campus budgets for Board of Regents approval.

Budget Transfer

Requests to transfer budget allocations within a budget program may be submitted during a fiscal year. You may click below to view and print a form online.

All budget transfer requests must be submitted on the Request for Budget Transfer Form (SAPPHIRE › UNK › Budget Office › Budget Transfer Form).

Budget Revenue & Expense Summary

The Budget Revenue & Expense Summary is a report summarizing the month-to-date and year-to-date statement. The report includes the annual allotment, month-to-date expenditures, year-to-date expenditures, the unexpended balance, and the percent of the total budget expended for the various categories of expenditures in the cost center. This report is to be monitored by the person controlling the cost center to assure that expenditures stay within the limitations of the budget.