Is your employment “authorized”?

While INS regulations provide a variety of opportunities for you to be employed during your time in F-1 status, working improperly or without authorization is a serious violation of your status. It is YOUR responsibility to comply with all immigration regulations that apply to F-1 students. If you fail to comply with your responsibilities, you may not be eligible for benefits normally granted to F-1 students.

Before beginning any employment, please remember the following:

• Always get the appropriate documents and authorizations before beginning any employment. Unauthorized employment poses a serious threat to your ability to remain in the U.S. to study.
• If you have any questions concerning your eligibility to work or category of employment, please consult a DSO/ARO.

Definition of Employment:  Any type of work performed or services provided in exchange for money, tuition, fees, books, supplies, room, food, or any other benefit.