Suzanne L. Maughan Spencer

Sociology Department Chair, Online Coordinator

Office: COPH 120B   |    Phone: (308) 865-8763   |    Email:

Suzanne L. Maughan Spencer

Education Background

Ph.D. Brigham Young University, 2002
M.S. Brigham Young University, 1998
B.S. Brigham Young University, 1993

Teaching Philosophy

My commitment to being an effective teacher, both in and out of the classroom, is based on my belief that a college education should provide access to at least two opportunities. First, the foundation to integrate and implement interdisciplinary knowledge, grounded in wisdom, to benefit oneself and the community; and second, the opportunity for academic learning to guide one's future career and personal development. Given this perspective, I am committed to both teaching students and learning from students by providing a quality environment which engages class interaction, challenges student thought, respects diversity, promotes hands-on experience and inspires good character.


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