Science/Math Education Capstone Course

SMED 888 – Science/Math Education Capstone (3 credits):  This course is designed to culminate the student’s experience in the Science/Math Education program.  Students will complete the comprehensive exam and a capstone project that integrates educational research, curriculum design, science/math content application, and assessment.  Based on a literature evaluation of a specific concept or problem in science/math teaching, the student will develop a new curricular unit, or redesign an existing one, to be implemented in a high school or middle school science/math course that the student is teaching that semester.  This unit must apply science/math content from their degree program courses and the student must assess the impact of the new/revised unit on student learning.

Prerequisite:  Admission into Science/Math Education Program, recommended:  completion of TE 800 Educational Research and at least 24 hours of the Science/Math Education degree program (including 6 or more in the Major Emphasis category).

Important Course Details:

  • Available only during fall and spring semesters
  • Course is recommended to be taken during the semester of graduation
  • Summer graduates will need permission to complete the course during the spring semester
      • Students can opt to switch to the new program
      • SMED 888 will replace 3 credit hours of supporting coursework
      • Supporting coursework will still need to be completed within two different departments (BIOL, CHEM, MATH, and PHYS) outside major emphasis