Krista Forrest

Chairperson, Professor

Office: COPH Room 320I   |    Phone: (308) 865-8192   |    Email:

Dr. Krista Forrest

Courses Regularly Taught

  • Courses Regularly Taught
  • General Psychology
  • Experimental Psychology
  • Human Development
  • Psychology and Law with Lab
  • Adolescent Psychology

Research Interests

  • Research Interests
  • Police usage of interrogation strategies
  • Jurors' perceptions of police deception
  • Factors that improve classroom instruction

Selected Publications

Selected Publications

Forrest, K. D. (2013). Utopia university: A faculty member reflects on recommendations for the future of SoTL. Insight: A Journal for Scholarly Teaching, 8, 73-79.

Woody, W. D., Forrest, K. D., & Yendra, S. (2013). Comparing the effects of explicit and implicit false-evidence ploys on Mock Jurors' verdicts, sentencing recommendations, and perceptions of police interrogation. Psychology, Crime and Law, doi:10.1080/1068316X.2013.804922

Forrest, K. D., & Miller, R. L. (2013). Torture. In K. Keith (Ed.). Encyclopedia of Cross-Cultural Psychology, (pp. 1289-1293). New York, NY: Wiley-Blackwell.

Mandernach, B. J., Mason, T., Forrest, K. D., & Hackathorn, J. (2012). Faculty views on the appropriateness of teaching specific undergraduate psychology courses online. Teaching of Psychology, 39, 203-208. doi:10.177/0098628312450437

Forrest, K. D., Woody, W. D., Brady, S. E., Batterman, K. C., Stastny, B. J., & Bruns, J. A. (2012). False-evidence ploys and interrogations: Mock jurors' perceptions of ploy type, deception, coercion, and justification. Behavioral Sciences and the Law, 30, 342-364.

Fritson, K. K., Forrest, K. D., & Bohl, M. L. (2011). Using reflective journaling in the college course. In R. L. Miller, E. Amsel, B. Kowalski, B. Beins, K. Keith, & B. Peden (Eds.). Promoting Student Engagement, Volume 1: Programs, Techniques and Opportunities. Syracuse, NY: Society for the Teaching of Psychology.

Forrest, K. D., & Woody, W. D. (2010). Police deception during interrogation and its surprising influence on jurors' perceptions of confession evidence. The Jury Expert, 22 (6), 9-19.  

Honors and Awards

  • UNK Pratt-Heins Award for Teaching, 2011
  • Early Career Award, Rocky Mountain Psychological Association, 2007
  • UNK Creative Teaching Award, 2003, 2005, 2011, 2013
  • Faculty Mentor Award for Natural and Social Sciences, 2010
  • UNK Student Affairs Partnership Award, 2013