Application Deadlines

Individuals interested in pursuing the MBA degree at the University of Nebraska at Kearney should apply online. Questions concerning application deadlines can be sent to Dustin Favinger, Director of the MBA program at

Application deadlines for full admission into our MBA program are as follows:

  • Fall A (1st 8 weeks) - July 10
  • Fall B (2nd 8 weeks) - August 20
  • Spring A (1st 8 weeks) - November 10
  • Spring B (2nd 8 weeks) - January 20
  • Summer - April 10

Note for pre-MBA applicants:

Aspiring applicants may begin the MBA program as pre-MBAs. Pre-MBAs are 'provisional admits'. They are allowed to take up to 9 hours of MBA-level courses, only on successful completion of which (that is a 3.0 GPA) they can seek full admission into the MBA program, by the deadlines listed above.

Admission on a pre-MBA status is on a rolling basis, meaning there are no deadlines. However no pre-MBA admissions are possible after the 1st week of the semester for admission into that semester, or after the first day of summer MBA classes.

International applicants residing outside the US are precluded from applying for pre-MBA admission. Pre-MBAs are provisional admits. Provisional admits cannot be issued an I-20 which is required for obtaining a visa to enter the United States.