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UNK's College of Business and Technology offers an AACSB accredited 33 hour Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree. Our MBA degree is a professional graduate degree designed to provide a challenging, experiential, educational experience for graduate students who desire to assume positions of increasing scope and responsibility in business, nonprofit or public service sectors. The curriculum has been developed with guidance from our advisory board members, who are movers and shakers in our community.

The core emphases of our program are to hone students’ critical-thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making skills within the context of the U.S. and global economy, preparing students to meet the challenges in a rapidly changing world. As a graduate student in our MBA program you will have many opportunities to improve and enhance your management skills in business, industry, non-profits, and government. A unique feature of our program is that students engage in experiential learning by working on projects for real, live clients.

We strive to give you convenience and flexibility. Required courses are offered primarily in the evening or online to accommodate students with time-constraints. We offer a blended/hybrid program - courses either do not require on-campus meetings at all or require very few meetings on-campus. Students thus get the best of both worlds - the flexibility of an online course combined with the personal attention, interactivity, and experiential learning of in-person delivery.

Our overarching goal is for you to be successful in your career. Our MBA program will enhance your preparation to successfully manage an organization and all its functional areas. We do this by providing you a congenial, enriching environment that reinforces your learning. Our classes typically have 10 to 20 students. We believe that small is beautiful - so we keep our program small which allows the staff and faculty to pay individual attention to each and every student in the program. We are proud of our tradition of giving students unparalleled approachability and access to MBA faculty.

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Nuts and bolts of the MBA Program

The MBA Program includes 18 hours of core courses and 15 specialization/elective hours. Select Generalist, Accounting, Human Resources, Human Services-Nonprofit Management, or Marketing specialization. Students who earned an undergraduate degree in a major other than business may need to complete up to 18 hours of foundational classes.

Detailed information is available at:

Admission to the program will be considered only upon completion of the on-line application and all admission requirements have been met.

Applicants may choose to be considered for full, unconditional admission through any one of the following four options:


Applicants who have:

Minimum criteria for consideration towards full admission


A baccalaureate degree from an AACSB (The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) accredited program.

  • Undergraduate GPA (UGPA): 3.75 GPA or higher on a standardized 4.0 scale
  • GMAT/GRE requirement is waived


A baccalaureate degree with less than 2 years of full time post-baccalaureate work experience with:

  • Undergraduate GPA (UGPA): 2.75 overall on a standardized 4.0 scale
  • GMAT: Minimum 480 or equivalent GRE score (Our school code is 6467)
  • Meet a minimum score of 1100 using the following formula:
    • (200*Undergraduate GPA) + GMAT score
      • If applicant take the GRE, the equivalent GMAT score will be used


A baccalaureate degree and at least 3 years of documented post-baccalaureate full time work experience with meaningful managerial responsibilities.

  • Undergraduate GPA (UGPA): 2.75 overall on a standardized 4.0 scale
  • GMAT/GRE waived


Completed another U.S. equivalent Master, Ph.D. or a terminal degree.

  • Undergraduate GPA (UGPA): 2.75 overall
    • GMAT/GRE waived


Two or more years of post-baccalaureate full time work experience with an Undergraduate GPA: 2.75 overall on a standardized 4.0 scale.

  • Students admitted conditionally must complete 9 hours of MBA graduate level courses at UNK, with at least 3 hours in a quantitative course, and maintain a 3.0 Graduate GPA or higher. Upon successful completion of these 9 hours the student is then considered unconditionally admitted. Failure to meet this condition will result in dismissal from the program. (GMAT/GRE will be waived for students meeting the condition above.)

Meeting the minimum criteria only assures applicants the consideration of their application for admission to the MBA program. An application must be complete in all respects to be considered for admission to the program.

Applicants who meet most, but not all, of the requirements for admission may be provisionally accepted as a pre-MBA student. Such an admission imposes certain academic limitations on the provisionally accepted students. This option may not be available for international applicants. International students must be fully admitted into the program to receive their I-20. In other words, international applicants must meet ALL the admission requirements when they apply.

For information regarding the supporting undergraduate core requirements in the MBA program, click here. To apply, click here.

Additional admission considerations for International applicants

  • Students who received their baccalaureate degree outside the US must have their transcripts and their undergraduate degree credentialed by an approved agency.
  • For students who earned their baccalaureate degree in a university where the medium of instruction was predominantly in a language other than English (that is, from a country where English is NOT the native language), UNK requires English proficiency to be established by the applicant to pursue a graduate (Master’s or Specialist) degree. English proficiency can be established by taking one of the following tests and achieving the minimum scores indicated.
TEST Min. Score
TOEFL Internet-Based 79
TOEFL Paper Based 550
TOEFL Computer-Based 213