Student Organizations

As a Marketing major, you will take classes from faculty who believe that their primary function is to teach. Your classes will range from 15-40 students, so your professors will soon know you by name. These same faculty members, along with their students, have organized local collegiate chapters of the:

Association of Information Technology Professionals

The AITP student organization attracts members who are interested in business and computers. In addition to monthly campus activities, students are invited to attend and visit with professionals in the MIS field at meetings of their sponsoring AITP organization in Lincoln.

American Marketing Association

American Marketing Association logo

The American Marketing Association is open to all business majors. The Association introduces knowledge of the current positions in marketing to members by sponsoring professional speakers.

The Collegiate Chapter of the American Marketing Association meets in the West Center Building Room 203N. Guest speakers from the region speak each time about marketing issues. The organization is a great place to develop leadership skills, network with regional business professionals, apply concepts learned in the classroom to profit and not-for-profit organizations, to make friends, and have a good time. For more information, e-mail Heather Schulz or call her at 308-865-8621.