Bryce Abbey

Associate Professor - Exercise Science / Employee Health and Wellness Director

Office: CUSH 214   |    Phone: (308) 865-8177   |    Email:

Bryce Abbey



University of Nebraska at Kearney. Kearney, NE: 2004 Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science. Advisor: Kate Heelan, PhD   

University of Nebraska at Kearney. Kearney, NE: 2006 Master of Arts in Education, Exercise Science. Advisor: Kate Heelan, PhD

University of Nebraska - Lincoln. Lincoln, NE: 2014 Ph.D. in Human Sciences with a specialization in Nutrition and Health Sciences, . Major Advisor: Lisa Franzen-Castle PhD, Dissertation: The Association of Wellness Policy Quality and Percentage of Obesity in Schools


Associate Professor, Exercise Science, Kinesiology and Sport Science Department, University of Nebraska at Kearney (August 2013 – Present)

Employee Health and Wellness Director, University of Nebraska at Kearney   (August 2007-Present)

Associate Director of the Human Performance Lab, University of Nebraska at Kearney (May 2006-July 2013)

Publications and Presentations


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